Tricounty News

Fight at bar leads to arrest

Friday, June 27, 2014 at 6:42 p.m., the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a fight occurring at Bud’s Bar at 125 Central Avenue North in Watkins, and a Meeker County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the scene. Upon the deputy’s arrival, it was observed that two people were attempting to restrain the suspect who was later identified as Jerico Beith, 33 years of age, of Kingston. The deputy, with the assistance of the two citizens were able to restrain Beith’s hands, however, Beith continued to resist the deputy’s verbal commands and in the struggle, bit one of the citizens in the thumb and the second citizen in the wrist. Beith continued to resist arrest and attempted to bite the deputy as well. Watkins ambulance responded to the scene and the two citizens were treated and released at the scene. Beith was taken to Meeker Memorial Hospital for lacerations and other injuries sustained during the fight.


Water rescue on Sauk River

Monday, June 30, the Stearns County Communications Center received the report of a man who had gone into the Sauk River from the canoe access by Heim’s Mill on County Road 1 in Lesauk Township. The caller indicated that the man had gone in after a dog, and that she could still see the dog, but had lost sight of the man. Stearns County Deputies responded and assistance was requested from the Sartell Police Dept. When officers arrived, they located the man on a small island east of the County Road 1 Bridge over the Sauk River. The dog was on the opposite shore but went into the Sauk River and swam to the man’s location. The Sartell Fire Dept. responded with their Zodiac and put it into the river. The man and dog were picked up and returned to the Heim’s Mill canoe access. The man was identified as Michael Lenarz, 61, of  St. Cloud. He was not complaining of any injuries and the dog appeared to be fine as well. Lenarz left the access on his own. Also assisting with this matter was the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and the Sauk Rapids Fire Department.


Fireworks, sparklers and bon fires…oh, my!

As we draw near to the Fourth of July, many of us celebrate with family and friends by enjoying bonfires and firework displays. While these activities encourage fun times and great memories, it is important to understand that they also pose serious threats and risks if they are not approached with caution. CentraCare Health reminds you to stay safe:

• Never allow children to operate fireworks; even sparklers can cause serious injuries if used incorrectly.

• Never leave children unattended around any type of fire.

• Never place any part of your body directly over fireworks when lighting a fuse.

• Light fireworks one at a time, and after doing so move away quickly.

• After fireworks are done burning, douse them with water before placing in the trash.

• Never use flammable liquids to light or keep a bonfire burning.

• Avoid starting fires when conditions are dry or windy.

• Make sure you and others know how to stop, drop and roll.

In case you need medical attention, the CentraCare Urgency Center is open noon to 8 p.m. on holidays and weekends. For more information or to view wait times, visit

Stearns County has placed ‘No Wake’ signs

Stearns County area lakes are currently experiencing unusually high water levels. In particular, the Chain of Lakes and Sauk River area around Cold Spring and Richmond, as well as Two Rivers Lake in the St. Anna area are especially high. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of placing “No Wake” signs in these areas. In these lakes and rivers and in all Stearns County waters the Sheriff’s Office is asking boaters to exercise restraint, good judgment and common sense. Boat operators should reduce their speed to create no wake or waves from their boat. Water patrol officers will be out on area lakes over the weekend, weather permitting, reminding boaters to follow these recommendations. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office thanks all boaters for their cooperation in this matter.


Local crime blotters June 26, 2014

Wright County Sheriff’s Office

June 16, Antwan Jamar Jamison, 29 of Annandale, was arrested in Annandale on a Department of Corrections warrant for parole violations.

June 18, David Allen Heinrich, 57 of Annandale, was arrested in Stearns County on Wright County warrants for second-degree assault and terroristic threats.

June 19, Adam Michael Myers, 37 of Annandale, was arrested in Annandale on the charges of first-degree burglary and possession of stolen property.

June 21, Jeremy Joseph Kramer, 25 of Maple Lake, was arrested in Maple Lake Township on first-degree burglary, theft, and domestic assault charges.

There were 35 property-damage accidents, 5 personal-injury accidents, 5 hit-and-run accidents, and
4 car-deer accidents.

There were 8 arrests for DWI, and 84 tickets for miscellaneous traffic violations reported this week.