Tricounty News

Pool passes available for June 18

The pool in Watkins is now open. Free passes are available for Wednesday, June 18, and may be picked up at these four locations. Wally’s Café, Stein’s Thriftway, Riverwood Realty, and Centra Sota Coop in Watkins. These free passes are sponsored by the Watkins Chamber of Commerce, Farmers State Bank of Watkins, and Hilltop Health Care Center.

The swimming Wednesday, June 18, will begin at 12:30 p.m. until closing.

There will be another “Free Watkins Pool Pass” event in July and another in August.

Little Miss Kimball candidates needed

Candidates for the Little Miss Kimball Pageant will be accepted up to the July 18 deadline.

Applications can be picked up at Kimball City Hall and dropped off there.

Candidates should be age 7-10. The first 10 applications will be accepted.

Pool's open for summer at Watkins

The Watkins Pool opened Sunday, June 1 for the summer season. Lessons begin next week, and there may still be openings (call City Hall at 764-6400). W-IMG 9744 Call the pool anytime to check on schedule and availability: 764-SWIM (7946).
Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.


Dreams come true in Watkins


Hilltop Health Care Center has made dreams come true for more than 50 residents since the start of the program in September 2012. Some of the dreams that have come true over the course of the program include: A Hawaiian day, a special-made puzzle with a picture of the lake a resident grew up on, going to a parade in the resident’s w-Hilltop-Dream-Program-DSCN3388-RGBhome town, local baseball games, making a venison meal, visiting a deer farm, and visiting old friends. These dreams have become reality, thanks to many wonderful volunteers, families, the community and staff.


St. Anthony's celebrates 125th anniversary

Since the parish began in 1889, St. Anthony’s Church in Watkins has been the only church within city limits. The second church building, erected in 1912, is what visitors to Watkins see when approaching town, much the same as it was back then.



The original two acres of land was purchased for the church (and not cemetery) for the sum of $50. A large wooden church was built there and later moved to the south so that the new church could be built there. Services continued to be held in the old church during construction of the new. (The old wood church was later still moved and converted to farm buildings on at least two farms.)