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Severe Weather Awareness Week April 21-25

To the anticipation of many, winter is nearing an end. It’s time to start preparing for warmer weather. Along with warmer temperatures, we face the weather hazards which are common during the spring and summer months.

April 21-25 is Severe Weather Awareness Week, a time to remind Minnesotans about inevitable storms, lightning, wind, floods and tornadoes, and to provide people with information necessary to protect their lives when severe weather threatens.

Stearns County’s Emergency Management Department encourages every family and business to take the opportunity during this week to build awareness of storm dangers and to put weather emergency plans into action. “There’s no substitute for practice when the real thing comes along,” said Erin Hausauer, Emergency Management Director.


Aaah! showers and warm sunshine

Weather: It is nice to talk about rain showers moving across the area instead of snow for a change. That is exactly what took place on Sunday into early Monday morning as the region saw some showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Most of the area enjoyed mild temperatures for Monday afternoon and Tuesday with lots of sunshine. Highs on Monday and Tuesday were generally in the low- to mid-50s across the area. This was about 5 to 10 degrees above average.


Old Man Winter’s one more storm?

Weather: It was no April Fool’s Day joke as the area received another blast from “Old Man Winter” this week. A blizzard warning was issued for parts of West Central Minnesota and Northern Minnesota from Monday into Tuesday for April Fool’s Day.

Two to five inches of snow were forecasted along with strong winds gusting at times to 50 mph from Grant, Big Stone, Traverse, and Western Otter Tail; all the way down to Lincoln and Lyon Counties in Southwestern Minnesota into Tuesday.

Winter storm warnings were also posted from Monday into Tuesday for much of Northern Minnesota for heavy snow of six to ten inches with heavier totals possible.


More winter storm weather

Weather: Just when we thought we could put the winter gear away, another winter storm hit the Upper Midwest including the state of Minnesota late Monday night into Wednesday morning.

This “prolonged” winter storm brought some minor ice accumulation and moderate to heavy snow at times from West Central Minnesota to Northeast Minnesota.

The system brought some sleet and freezing rain mixed with snow starting Monday night. As a result, a winter storm warning was issued for a good share of Central and West Central Minnesota through Tuesday night.

The winds were also a problem across the area with this winter storm bringing winds gusting to 25 mph at times and causing difficult driving conditions across much of the state.


Robins are returning

Weather: Wow, is all I can say about our weather over the weekend and again on Monday! High temperatures climbed into the 40s and lower 50s across much of Minnesota on Sunday.

The strength of the sun is impressive as with only a couple of days of temperatures above freezing, we started seeing some patches of grass in our yard! My wife also heard robins singing outside our bedroom window Sunday morning.

The mild temperatures continued on Monday as a warm-front moved across the Midwest. Most of Minnesota enjoyed temperatures once again in the 40s and even lower 50s.