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Kathy Pauls receives national recognition

Kathy Pauls, a local teacher from Eden Valley-Watkins High School, has been selected as an NEH Summer Scholar from a national applicant pool to attend one of 21 NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops, July 14-19. The National Endowment for the Humanities is a federal agency that each year supports summer study opportunities so that teachers can work with experts in humanities disciplines.

Kathy will participate in a workshop entitled “Sailing to Freedom: New Bedford and the Underground Railroad.” The one-week program will be held at New Bedford Mass., and is directed by Dr. Timothy Walker-Program Director, and Lee Blake-Program Administrator.

The 80 teachers selected to participate in the program each receive a $1,200 stipend to help cover their travel, study, and living w-Kathy-Paulsexpenses.

Topics for the 21 NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops offered for teachers this summer include the American skyscraper; the Civil Rights movement; the Erie Canal; African-American artisans, entrepreneurs, and abolitionists; exploration of the U.S. Pacific Coast; the Adirondacks in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; early California settlement; Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School; Gullah culture; the Shakers; the Hudson River in American history; the Industrial Revolution; Zora Neale Hurston; colonial New England; Mississippi Delta history and culture; mining in the Far West; the Underground Railroad; Kentucky during the Civil War; the transcontinental railroad; and the War of 1812. The approximately 1,680 teachers who participate in these studies will teach more than 210,000 American students the following year.



Kathy Pauls, choral music teacher at Eden Valley-Watkins schools.