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EV-W Girl Scouts plan crayon recycling

Do you have used crayons you want to get rid of? Want to help the planet? Or even better yet, both?

Well, by donating your old and used color crayons to the Girl Scouts Troop 657, you can get rid of your old crayons while, at the same time, helping the environment by recycling. Your old, used color crayons can be melted down and turned into new crayons instead of filling up landfills.

Eden Valley-Watkins Girl Scout troop 657 is having a crayon recycling drive. Simply drop off your old crayons in one of our drop-off boxes and we will do the rest.

Drop off boxes will be present at the EV-W Elementary buildings on the final day of school, Thursday, May 31.  They will also be placed at The State Bank in Eden Valley, and The Farmers State Bank in Watkins from May 20-31.

To learn more about this project log on to: Adult contact is Diane at (320) 453-6425

EV-W Girl Scout Troop 657

Erin Salo and Maddie Moyer