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German students return home

It’s been an event-filled three weeks for 20 students and two teachers from Oldenburg, Germany. Their time went quickly and, alas, is up. By the time you read this, the group should nearly be home to Germany.

The students arrived Wednesday, Sept. 25, right in the middle of Homecoming Week for Eden Valley-Watkins. They jumped in and enjoyed all the Homecoming festivities. They also toured local businesses and towns, helped at the elementary schools, and participated in classes at the high school. They also had a few days off to enjoy time with their host families.

Saturday evening, Oct. 12, the American host families (families of EV-W students studying German) hosted a farewell party at the Hesse home in Watkins. There was a costume contest (there seemed to be a lot of pirates), bobbing for apples, a piñata, and lots of tasty food. The evening was topped off with a hay ride (on a rather wet and cold evening).

The Germans boarded a bus early Sunday morning to drive along the Mississippi River on their way to Chicago for a few days before flying back to Germany.
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Host mom Dianah Klatt of Sauk Rapids described it as “wonderful.”  Daughter Alexis will go to Germany with the program, and will be hosted by Saskia Kopetzki and her family there. One of the special things they did during family time was ice skating. 

Brandi Asfeld had a temporary sister, Carlotta Stuerken, during their visit here. “It was really fun!” Brandi said excitedly. They loved going shopping, and also enjoyed a bonfire and making S’mores. “I highly recommend it,” Brandi said, adding, “I will miss her.”

In summer 2014, EV-W German students will travel to Oldenburg for about three weeks. School is still in session there, but they will also tour and visit local communities and schools.

The EV-W German American Partnership Program students held a farewell party for the visiting German students Saturday evening, Oct. 11, at the Hesse farm in Watkins. Pictured are both German and American students with two of their three teachers (in front are Donna Orbeck and Mechthilde Sandmann; not pictured isJenny Teerling). The evening included food, a costume contest, bobbing for apples, a piñata, and a hay ride. Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.