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Educational support staff honored at dinner


An event honoring Central Minnesota’s educational support staff was held Monday, Sept. 30, at the River’s Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud.

In its fourth year, 101 people were honored from 27 school districts. The event honors those who work as bus drivers, custodians, cooks, paraprofessionals and other staff who help keep schools running smoothly.

“Resource is proud to give recognition to the education support staff,” said Rob Cavanna, CEO of Resource. “They are an integral part of our school districts and help them run efficiently on a daily basis. They promote student achievement, ensure student safety and contribute to the establishment and promotion of a positive and safe instructional environment,” he added.


Awardees are nominated from within their school districts. They receive a trophy and a certificate signed by the governor of Minnesota.

Support staff being honored from Kimball Schools are Patty Markwardt and Cindy Markwardt. Erik Widvey, Kimball’s high school principal also attended to honor staff.

The Eden Valley-Watkins School District honored their support staff Judy Blonigen, Adam Teicher, and Lori Unterberger. Superintendent Mark Messman attended to honor

At left, Eden Valley-Watkins school support staff were selected for honor at the Recognition Dinner Sept. 30. From left to right are Mark Messman, superintendent, Judy Blonigen, Rob Cavanna, CEO of Resource Training & Solutions, Lori Unterberger, and Adam Teicher. Submitted photo.





In photo at right, Kimball support staff were honored Sept. 30 at River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud. From left to right are Patty Markwardt, Rob Cavanna, CEO of Resource Training & Solutions, Cindy Marquardt, and Erik Widvey, KAHS principal. Submitted photo.