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Chain of Lakes Soccer asks for ‘missing’ $6k


EV-W School Board:

A representative from the Chain of Lakes Soccer Association attended the Feb. 12 meeting of the Eden Valley-Watkins School Board to ask for $6,000. This represents a portion of the $10,000 they figure was in an account managed by EV-W Community Ed on behalf of the soccer group.

The association learned the hard way that funds are not carried over from one year to the next in the Community Ed fund, and the money that was there (at least $6,000) for soccer was used to help pay for other programs. Community Ed often operates at a deficit financially, and there are no excess funds available now to repay the soccer association.


The association represents 70-100 individuals from Richmond, Paynesville, Eden Valley, and as far as New London. They made a commitment to the City of Paynesville to install a soccer field in a city park there. The field has been prepared, and seed planted. The $6,000 they had counted on being in their Community Ed fund is needed for irrigation this spring to assure that the grass grows. They made a formal request Feb. 12 for $6,000 so they can meet their obligations to the City of Paynesville. The association is now a club, and won’t go through Community Ed in the future. 

Superintendent Messman explained that the money went through Fund 4, Community Services. Any surplus in this fund subsidizes other programs that fall into that category. The $6,000 was spent in other Fund 4 programs, as is the policy. The district will look to see what, if anything, can be done in this situation.

Summer food program

Last summer, the Eden Valley-Watkins school district participated for the first time in a federal program making breakfast and lunch available to district students. Coordinator Barb Koehn sought the board’s direction for possibly doing it again this coming summer. (The district can participate for up to five years.)

There was low participation at some schools during parts of the summer, and Koehn would like to make adjustments to best utilize the program funds, and to make the meals available to those who really need them.

There is no cost to the district to provide the cold cereal breakfasts and bag lunches to district students. Cooks prepare the meals, but there is no waste if they are not consumed the same day.

School calendar for 2014-15

The board was presented two options for the 2014-15 school year and selected the tighter school calendar, similar to 2013-14. The primary significance is that school will be completed in May and not go into the summer, barring an excessive number of snow days.

Official newspaper

At their Jan. 8 meeting, the EV-W school board voted 5-2 to appoint the Tri-County News as their official newspaper to publish legal notices. In the meantime, a state statute was pointed out that requires that the Voice be so named. At the Feb. 12 meeting, the original designation was rescinded and the Voice was named the official district paper.

Purchase of new van

The board agreed to purchase a new 7-passenger van to replace the 2005 Montana that was involved in an accident. At about $20,000 new, it should come with full warranty as opposed to saving a small amount and getting a 90-day warranty on a used van. The funds will come from the capital budget. The Montana was scheduled to be replaced next year.

New tag line for the district

The board adopted a new tag line for the district. It has been “Educating one child at a time.” It now will be “Educating every child for the future.” The new tag line will be used in new marketing materials, and will gradually replace the old one on stationery and other materials as they run out.

Trap league being formed

With private funding, a spring trap shooting league is being formed at Eden Valley Sportsman’s Park on Browns Lake. There is a cost of $130 per student, and the Sportsman’s Club carries full liability so there is no liability to the school. It is a cooperative effort with the Litchfield district. The goal is for a team of 8-15 students; there currently are 8 signed up.

The next meeting of the EV-W school board will be at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26. All meetings are open to the public.