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MDA concerned about propane shortage

Propane shortage and cold weather threaten public health and welfare of livestock

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is concerned about the health and safety of the state’s farming families and their livestock during this cold spell. The current propane shortage not only jeopardizes farm families’ ability to heat their homes, but also to provide adequate care for their livestock. Governor Mark Dayton issued a Peacetime State of Emergency to stand up the state’s emergency operations center to assist farm families and producers who are facing propane shortages and need help.

Any farm families or producers facing a critical shortage of propane should contact the Minnesota duty officer at (800)
422-0798, or (651) 649-5451. The MDA is also working with our sister agencies and industry groups to identify areas of the state in need.

MDA Commissioner Dave Frederickson has met with the governor and other emergency management officials to discuss the shortage and how to improve the supply to Minnesota consumers.

Consider tillage, cover crops, forages, soil health


Workshops held in this area during the next few weeks are good opportunities to learn more about taking care of soil health and productivity through a variety of management practices. Soil health and productivity are tied to soil structure and tilth and good soil biology.

Soil structure and tilth affects how easily roots can spread out in the soil. It affects the mix or air, water and soil particles that affect root systems health and the vitality of beneficial insects and micro-organisms in the soil. Soil drainage characteristics are an important factor in our areas.


Official identification required for livestock at exhibitions

Board of Animal Health offers free ear tags

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health reminds exhibitors of livestock that animals entering all classes of exhibition need to be officially identified. The Board is offering free official ear tags to help exhibitors meet the requirement.

The Board of Animal Health rules require official identification of all exhibition animals except for swine entering slaughter classes and water fowl. Exhibitors are responsible for officially identifying their animals before bringing them to the fair. Additionally, anyone placing official ID in livestock must keep records. These rules provide better protection of animals and people at the fair by enabling the Board to more quickly locate potentially affected animals during a disease event.


Central Minnesota Forage Workshop in Royalton Feb. 5

The 2014 Central Minnesota Forage Workshop will be held at the American Legion in Royalton Wednesday, Feb. 5. The American Legion is located at 103 North Maple Street just off of Highway 10 on the north side of Royalton. Marvin Haul, Penn State University Extension forage specialist, will be the special guest speaker.

The workshop will start with registration at 9:30 a.m. with the program starting at 10, a lunch break at noon and adjourning by
3 p.m. Topics planned for the morning include:


County Committee election results

The Stearns County FSA Committee counted ballots for the Local Administrative Area (LAA) #1 election Jan. 22, 2014. The townships of Brockway,
Collegeville, Fairhaven, LeSauk, Luxemburg, Lynden, Maine Prairie, Rockville, St. Augusta,
St. Cloud, St. Joseph, St. Wendel and Wakefield re-elected Joseph W. Krippner for a three-year term. Barbara Leither will be the first alternate.

Thank you to all voters for the good response and return of the ballots.

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