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New record low in Alexandria

Weather column: Record low temperatures were recorded across much of Minnesota on Saturday. In addition to doing this weather column, I also work at KXRA-AM and KX92 in Alexandria. While doing the Saturday morning show, I watched as the temperature in Alexandria at the airport fell to 10 degrees at 

6:22 a.m. This set a new record low for this date for Alexandria. It surpassed the previous record low of 16 degrees set back in 1966.


Mother Nature: We Give Up

This sign sums up Minnesota’s attitude toward snow (toward the bottom of the vertical sign). “Mother Nature: We Give Up” is what the sign at
W-CIMG2562-copySchmidty’s Tesoro in Kimball reads. This photo was taken in the midst of last Thursday’s snowstorm, April 18. Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.


Severe Weather Awareness Week

Weather column: This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week. It is difficult to think about tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, and lightning when we are dealing with slick roads and snow drifts still around our houses. However, it is critical to be prepared, because the season will arrive–eventually.


Ready for severe weather? Tornadoes?

Weather column: Next week will kick-off Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota. We want to keep everyone safe this upcoming severe weather season.

The National Weather Service states that Minnesota experiences on average “40 tornadoes per year.” In 2012, for example, the NWS reported that 37 twisters touched down.


Some April Fool’s Day lows occurred April 1

Weather column: Monday, of course, was April Fool’s Day, and we were treated to a bit of a practical “joke” to start off the week around the state of Minnesota. For example, Hallock dropped to a cold low of two below zero and was the coldest location around the state. This reading was only 10 degrees shy of the record low for the community.

Meanwhile, Alexandria had a low of 10 degrees on Monday. Last year, Alexandria had a record high of 69 degrees. This year, Elbow Lake dropped to 6 degrees for their morning low on Monday. That was just 7 degrees shy of the record low of 1 below zero dating back to 1975. One year ago Elbow Lake hit 69 degrees!