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February Students of the Month

In order to recognize achievement, outstanding progress, and responsible behavior in our student body,

grade-level teams made up of teachers select one Kimball Area High School student in each grade to be recognized as the Student of the Month. The monthly winners are recognized in school, on the school website, and in the Tri-County News. They also receive a Subway gift certificate and Chamber Bucks from the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to Luxemburg’s Subway and the Kimball Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this program. The following students are recognized for February 2013:

Grade 7—Joseph Donnay

Joseph is a quiet young man who leads by example. He is always respectful of staff and other students. He stays focused on learning, and is willing to work with any of his classmates. When Joseph was absent recently, he made up his work as quickly as possible while keeping up with his current assignments.

Grade 8—JT Harren

JT Harren has been chosen as this month’s eighth-grade student of the month. We all agree JT has an enthusiastic personality and is a positive role model in the classroom, as well as outside activities. JT isn’t shy to participate in class and shows off his good-natured qualities as a student and friend. JT works well with others, he’s competitive and strives to do well in all he does. Good job JT! Keep it up!

Grade 9—Krista Hendrickson

Krista Hendrickson has been selected because of her ability to advocate for herself, completes assignments at a high academic level and is extremely organized. She consistently shows respectfulness for herself, classmates and staff. Krista radiates confidence and problem-solving ability that shows through in academics on all levels.

Grade 10—Sam Wittrock

Sam Wittrock is our 10th-grade student of the month. Sam is a very hard worker who puts in 100 percent effort every time he does a project or assignment. He always takes care of his responsibilities and helps others along the way. He is an asset to his class by conveying a “quiet leadership,” and sets a great example for other students. Sam is just an all-around nice guy, and teachers appreciate his character and effort.

Grade 11—Hollie Donnay

Hollie Donnay has been selected as the junior Student of the Month for February. Hollie has been recognized for her hard work and positive contributions to the classroom. Over the year, Hollie has consistently completed quality work on time, often being thorough and thoughtful in completion. Teachers have noticed her coming out of her “shy shell” and her willingness to share in classroom discussion. When it comes to working with other students, Hollie is a task manager and works well with her group mates to stay on task and get things done. Even though we are nearing the end of the winter season (hopefully) and will be sliding into spring, Hollie has not slid in her academics. She continues to push forward, impressing her peers and teachers with her classroom performances.

Congratulations to Hollie Donnay on being selected for this award.

Grade 12—Katelyn Lichte

Katelyn is a driven student who pursues challenging classes. She wants to go beyond superficial understanding to the deeper issues of academics. She seems to enjoy a challenge, pushing herself and others to do better. Her intensity has served her well in speech and Knowledge Bowl. Katelyn has made personal choices after inspiration from her mom and certain teachers to do what is best for her future. Congratulations, Katelyn, and thank you for demanding the best of us.w-Cropped-studentsMo-Feb


February Students of the Month are pictured from left to right: JT Harren, Katelyn Lichte, Krista Hendrickson, Sam Wittrock, and Joseph Donnay. Not pictured is Hollie Donnay. Submitted photo.