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KES looking for Minn. Reading Corps tutor

Great news! Kimball Elementary is awarded a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor! We will have one full-time Elementary Literacy Tutor next year, who will work with kids who need a boost to catch up to grade level in reading. Minnesota Reading Corps tutors are AmeriCorps members and do not replace teachers. Every year, the program sees real growth in its students. Here’s what you should know about our tutors:

We will begin recruiting now for our Elementary Literacy Tutor who will serve at our school for 11 months, beginning in August. In exchange for their service, tutors receive a stipend of about $500 biweekly (full-time) and an education award of $5,550 (full-time) to use towards their own schooling.

Tutors provide research-based interventions to Kindergarten – third-grade students one-on-one, who are just below proficiency in reading (Tier II children). They tutor each student daily for 15-20 minutes to build phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency skills. Reading Corps provides our school with the expertise of an outside literacy consultant (Master Coach) who provides support and oversight by visiting the school regularly.

I would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this position. If you know someone who might be interested–a graduating college student, a friend in career transition, a grandparent or stay-at-home parent, please direct them to, to learn more and apply.

James G. Houseman

Kimball Elementary Principal