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Hilltop residents visit KES April 10

This provides an opportunity for the residents and students to develop friendships, help each other and share different ideas through various activities. The students experience what a nursing home is like by getting to know the residents and being in their environment. Many times, the residents and students develop a strong bond. Sometimes the students carry out this friendship by becoming Jr. Volunteers at Hilltop Health Care Center, they are able to spend more time with the residents by helping them with activities.

This year, Wednesday, April 10,
the Hilltop Health Care Center’s residents also went to visit the students at their school. They were able to tour the school and the fifth-grade class rooms. The students and residents played a lively game of kickball and visited together.W-HHC KES-Intergenerational-Pro.-April-2013-033


Kimball Elementary fifth-graders make several visits to Hilltop Health Care Center in Watkins during the school year. On Wednesday, April 10, Hilltop residents returned the favor. They were given tours of the building by their student friends, participated in a rousing game of kickball, and enjoyed treats and entertainment afterward. Photos by Hilltop and by TCN staff.


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