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April Students of the Month

In order to recognize achievement, outstanding progress, and responsible behavior in our student body, grade-level teams made up of teachers select one Kimball Area High School student in each grade to be recognized as the Student of the Month. The monthly winners are recognized in school, on the school website, and in the Tri-County News. They also receive a Subway gift certificate and Chamber Bucks from the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to Luxemburg’s Subway and the Kimball Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this program. The following students are recognized for April 2013:

Grade 7—Cheyanne DeGree

Cheyanne has a great attitude, stays focused during class, and, when doing group work, does well working with any of her classmates. She is respectful toward everyone around her as well as polite and thoughtful. Cheyanne is imaginative when she is allowed to choose a topic for presentations and keeps everyone entertained by her creative stories.

Grade 8—Payton Hanan

Payton Hanan has been chosen for this month’s eighth-grade student of the month. Payton has a strong work ethic in school and has proven to be very hardworking in all he does. His level of maturity has proven he is a good role model, strong leader and respectful to adults and peers. He takes initiative to go above and beyond in schoolwork and activities and is not afraid to ask questions to clarify expectations. Payton is truly a diligent worker who takes time to get help and participate beyond the normal school schedule. His habits are a true indication of his successes now and in the future. Good job Payton! We appreciate all you do.

Grade 9—Joelle Edwards

Joelle Edwards has been selected because of her focus on excellence in academics, participation and self-advocacy. She uses problem solving, maturity and cooperative learning skills to elevate her learning environment. Joelle has developed balance in her academic and extra curricular activities. She is self-motivated and has worked very hard to maintain high standards she expects of herself. Joelle is great at asking questions and works daily to build her own self-confidence.

Grade 10—Blane Tschida

Blane is an overall asset to the class. He is helpful and participates in classroom discussion. He is responsible and dedicated to his academics. Because of his easy-going personality and wonderful sense of humor, both teachers and students enjoy having him in class.

Grade 11—Mathias Hennen

“What doesn’t kill him will make him stronger!” Mathias Hennen has been no stranger to a series of unfortunate sports-related injuries. Remarkably, despite these injuries, Mathias continues to stand as a model student here at Kimball Area High School. He is involved in multiple extra-curricular events, but more importantly, he is kind, respectful, and mature. Having a conversation with Mathias is always a delight. Mathias has a fun sense of humor, as he has shared it in classroom discussions. He works well with other students in small groups and uses his time well. He leads by example during cooperative projects. Individually, Mathias completes quality work on time. He hasn’t used his injuries as excuses for not getting his work done. Instead, Mathias has taken the setbacks in stride and has worked to take care of business in the classroom. It is for these reasons that Mathias Hennen was nominated as April’s Student of the Month for the Junior Class. Congratulations!

Grade 12—Austin Roerick

As the senior teachers considered their final nomination for the class of 2013, many names were suggested with little consensus until Austin’s name was spoken. For many staff members, Austin is the exemplar of a responsible and academically focused student. He is a mature young man who can strike a balance between academics, athletics, and social commitments. While he has a rather reserved countenance, his writing reveals his passions, his ideas, and the depths of his critical thinking abilities. He served as an excellent peer tutor to younger math students as well, this past fall.  He is reliable and driven to do well in all that he attempts. It is with pleasure that the senior teachers
recognize his accomplishments to Kimball Area High School.


Kimball Area High School April Students of the Month are, from left to right, Blaine Tschida, Austin Roerick, Joelle Edwards, Matthias Hennen, Cheyanne Degree, and Payton Hanan. Submitted photo.