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Kimball May Students of the Month

In order to recognize achievement, outstanding progress, and responsible behavior in our student body, grade-level teams made up of teachers select one Kimball Area High School student in each grade to be recognized as the Student of the Month. The monthly winners are recognized in school, on the school website, and in the Tri-County News. They also receive a Subway gift certificate and Chamber Bucks from the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to Luxemburg’s Subway and the Kimball Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this program. The following students are recognized for May 2013:

Grade 7—Jessica Combs

Jessica is a quiet young lady who leads by example. She consistently finishes her assignments and does quality work. Jessica is very creative and resourceful in all that she does, including projects and group work. Being nice to her classmates and never complaining are two other qualities we appreciate about Jessica.

Grade 8—Austin Host

Austin Host has been chosen as the eighth-grade student of the month. As the eighth-grade team, it was clear that
Austin is one of the most well-mannered eighth graders in his class. A few words used to describe
Austin were steady, authentic, likable, and competitive. His peers use him as a resource to learn and gather information for class projects. Austin is a hard worker and is concerned about his academics. He enjoys helping people.
Austin has created excellent habits in his academics, such as, being thorough from start to finish and asking questions when needed. Above all of that, he has a great sense of humor to add to the classroom! Thanks Austin! Keep up the good work.

Grade 9—Denzel Atherton

Denzel Atherton has been selected because of her attention to detail, honesty and ability to motivate herself at a high level to produce excellent academic results. She is polite and respectful to staff and classmates.
Denzel continuously sets high expectations for herself in the classroom and with homework assignments. She consistently achieves those high marks and still projects humility and integrity. Denzel is a fine student and she has a bright future here at KAHS.

Grade 10--Miranda Albert

Miranda is an all-around asset to the class. While working in group activities, she is willing to work with all of her classmates. She is extremely optimistic and adds positivity to every classroom she walks into. Miranda is very respectful and thanks her teachers as she exits the class period. Miranda is a leader and is a great example to students on how they should treat other students.

Grade 11—Stacy Hurrle

Stacy Hurrle has been selected by the 11th-grade team as the May student of the month because of her attitude, her energy, and her work ethic. Stacy is a bubbly young woman who brings a smile to class virtually every day. She faces challenges head-on, balancing academics, athletics, and other pursuits with
w-studentsMoJuneincredible ease. She pushes herself to become better in every facet of her being. Thanks, Stacy, for making Kimball an even better place to be a teacher!


KAHS Students of the Month for May are, in back, from left Miranda Albert, Denzel Atherton, and Jessica Combs. In front are Stacy Hurrle and Austin Host.