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KAHS on-line trophy case launched

Recently launched on the Kimball area schools’ website is an on-line trophy case. KAHS students Adam Laabs and Nate Overland, along with KAHS teacher W-On-line-trophy-caseNancy Bonnifield have been working on the on-line trophy case since January. Last week the trophy case was launched.

The idea is for alumni, students, community members to be able to access and look at the trophy case via the Kimball school’s website. To get to the trophy case you need to go to:, then select Activities, and then trophy case. You will see the different sports at KAHS with the trophies for each sport. Conference, subsection, section, subdfistrict, district, and state trophies were put in the case. It is a process in which the students took the trophies from the trophy case and took pictures, downloaded them to a computer and cropped pictures. Students then copied pictures of trophies and passed them to Mrs. Bonnifield who arranged and put them on the school website.

The goal this year was to launch athletics this year, and then expand to the fine arts next year.

From left to right are KAHS teacher Nancy Bonnifield, and students Adam Laabs and Nate Overland. They worked to launch the on-line trophy case. Staff photo by Marguerite Laabs.