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Class of 1998 celebrates fifteen years

To add to the festivities of Kimball Days, the KAHS Class of 1998 reunited to reminisce and laugh over years gone by and catch up on current happenings, family and careers. Twenty-five of the 90 graduates came together at the Red Goat Bar & Grill in Watkins, on the afternoon and evening of Saturday, Aug. 10. Attendees were greeted with hugs and given the chance to compete in a guessing game to match the 15-year-old senior pictures of the graduates to the current pictures of their children, all creatively decorated by Heather (Gohmann) Griess and her Creative Memories supplies. Terese (Rosha) Haus, Erin (Loewen) Gutwasser and Kathy (Schreiner) Kunkel were the best at linking facial features of parents to their children. Tables were covered in royal blue, yellow and blue balloons and then were decorated with yellow and white flowers stuck into mason jars wrapped in old, elementary class photos for centerpieces.

Thank you to Jessica (Rippentrop) Gwash for decorating! Guests also could enjoy a “Candy Bar” set up by Christy (Zutz) Newman, Terese (Rosha) Haus, Jackie (Anderson) Busse and Emily Ecker that offered several types of candy that could be snacked on throughout the evening, or taken away for later in favor bags. The candy table was adorned in ‘98 savvy basketball and football

jerseys and homecoming buttons from days past. The social began at 3 p.m., and a trivia game started at 5 p.m. to break the ice and test everyone’s knowledge, past and present, on fun facts about many of the classmates. The most knowledgeable winners were Ivan Ramler, Erin (Loewen) Gutwasser, Aadra
(Kuseske) Mielke and Christy (Finger) Strong.

Mary Kay prizes from Christy (Zutz) Newman as well as gifts from Emily Ecker and Kim (Dalton) Oeltjenbruns were donated and awarded to the winners. A delicious dinner was catered with an open bar by the Red Goat, and meal choices were voted and decided upon via members of the class of 1998 Facebook page, who also chose a cream cheese frosted carrot cake for dessert decorated by Christy (Zutz) Newman. Emily Ecker got the award for traveling the farthest (FL), followed by Ivan Ramler (NY) and Heather Piepkorn (TX). It felt so natural to visit with everyone again and be reminded how much we had in common, even during this new phase in our lives! The evening ended with several classmates and spouses continuing the fun at the Kimball Days Street Dance. We’ll party like its W-Class-of-1998-2013-8-11-085‘98 in five more years and hope everyone returns healthy and happy for another fun night together!

Submitted by Christy Newman

Pictured from left to right are Christy (Zutz) Newman, Heather Piepkorn, Kate (Cronin) Seckinger, Christy (Finger) Strong, Beth Seckinger, Adam Stelten, Emily Ecker, Brent Massmann, Mike Bolvin, Toby Erickson, Kim (Dalton) Oeltjenbruns, Michelle Gregory, Jackie (Anderson) Busse, Emily (Burblies) Schaefbauer, Sue (Hokkala) Erickson, Kathy (Schreiner) Kunkel, Jessica (Holte) Huls, Karen (Kuechle) Johnson, Nick Schaf, Aadra (Kuseske) Mielke, Terese (Rosha) Haus, Aaron Hennen, Jessica (Rippentrop) Gwash, Erin (Loewen) Gutwasser, and Ivan Ramler. Submitted photo.