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iPay for iPads

Help Kimball Elementary put two iPad minis in each classroom to aid in our children’s educationW-iPadDisplay

The KES third-grade students are thanking The Kimball and Fairhaven Lions clubs for providing the funding for iPads that the students began using January 2013. The iPads have so many instructional uses that the teachers feel the need to place two iPads in each classroom in grades K-6.

The curriculum and technology budgets provide great quality curriculum to all Kimball students. However, the school does not have the funds to purchase two iPads for each elementary classroom. For that reason, the classrooms are turning to community donations and fundraising to help meet that gioal.

A donation of $5,000 has been gratefully received from Education Minnesota-Kimball (the teachers union) and donations from the Lions, Kimball American Legion, and an anonymous donation, have already provided for 13 of the 36 desired iPads.

How can you iPay for iPads?

• Visit, to donate online. Zip Code: 55353.

• Consider purchasing an iPad. A $400 donation will help purchase an iPad mini, a protective case, and $20 in apps. You will receive special recognition in the Tri-County News, and your name or Logo will be placed on the iPad display at KES.

Donations can be mailed to Kimball Elementary PO Box 368 Kimball MN 55353.

You may direct your questions to Nancy Bonnifield, Curriculum Director, at (320) 398-7700, ext. 310.

How will iPads be used at Kimball Elementary?

• They will be used at a center for vocabulary development. Using a Sentence Builder App., the teacher records the sentences and individuals or groups can work on putting the sentence in order.

• Students use a “Show Me” app to record themselves solving problems and talking through how they did it. Show Me can be used in many ways, but some students will use it in multi-digit addition and subtraction units.

• Teachers will use math fact apps that assess and track student progress toward knowing all their facts. The app even breaks it down to tell the teacher which exact facts the students struggle with.

• Students will do activities with letters and letter sounds. There are apps to work on letter recognition and letter sound fluency. There are also apps that would be used for learning sight words as well as for learning letter formation with an app that allows students to trace the letters on the iPad.

• iPads would be used daily for math concepts. There are specific apps that have fun activities which are connected to the state math standards. These concepts include patterns, counting, sorting, counting money, telling time, and more.

• Allow students to take Accelerated Reader tests in the classroom.

• Dragon Dictation is a tool used for primary or students struggling with writing. Students are able to tell their story and Dragon Dictation transfers it into text.

• The Stage app acts like a SMART board. You are able to take a picture of students’ work and then edit their work on the SMART board for the entire class to learn from.

• Students would create a visual portfolio by taking pictures of their projects and then share these with parents via e-mail or at P/T Conferences.