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October KAHS Students of the Month

In order to recognize achievement, outstanding progress, and responsible behavior in our student body, grade-level teams made up of teachers select one Kimball Area High School student in each grade to be recognized as the Student of the Month. The monthly winners are recognized in school, on the school website, and in the Tri-County News. They also receive a Dairy Queen gift certificate and Chamber Bucks from the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to Annandale’s Dairy Queen and the Kimball Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this program. The following students are recognized for October 2013.

Grade 7 – Athena Capes

Athena is focused on academics and not all of the other happenings of a junior high classroom. She consistently finishes her work and makes sure it is of good quality too. While in the hallway, Athena always says “hi” to teacher with a smile on her face. Athena also has great school spirit, which was apparent during Homecoming Week.

Grade 8 – Abbey Schiefelbein

Abbey Schiefelbein has been selected as the eighth-grade student of the month for October. Abbey is a steady, hard-working student who is always striving to improve. She is an excellent role model who is polite; she always exhibits a positive attitude. Abbey’s “lead by example” approach makes her an easy choice for student of the month honors.

Grade 9 – Anna Donnay

Anna Donnay has been selected because of her work ethic, great attitude and devotion to academics. She continuously strives to do her best in all classes and has been able to show respect for herself, her classmates and staff. Anna’s skills include organization, preparation and follow through. She is an excellent cooperative learner, who dedicates herself to the group effort, as well as producing high level, independent work. Anna can always be counted on as a pillar of sensible reasoning and politeness.

Grade 10 – Ortega Mohamed

As a sophomore, Ortega has improved in his academic performance. He is concerned with making good grades and regularly checks JMC. He advocates for himself and demonstrates that he believes that a strong academic performance is important. Since coming to Kimball, Ortega has greatly improved as a student in more ways than one.

Grade 11 – Tyler Smith

While working on taking his education to another level, Tyler Smith has earned the recognition for the junior class’ November Student of the Month. Tyler has set the example for taking an authentic interest in his academics. His teachers note that Tyler comes to class every day ready to learn. When given a task, Tyler becomes focused, uses his time well, and completes his work with quality. In this process, Tyler is not afraid to ask questions or check in with teachers outside of class time to make sure he is on the right track. Tyler is also engaged in class discussion. He is willing to risk answers even if he is unsure of his accuracy. Personally, Tyler is amiable and affable; he seems to get along well with everyone. What a good start to the school year. Congratulations to Tyler Smith for his achievements.

Grade 12 – Dustin Mancini

Dustin Mancini’s quiet move to classroom leader in classes like band and industrial technology have garnered the admiration of many staff members on the 12th-grade team. Dustin has always been a hard working and responsible student, but he has changed in the last few months. Instead of silently observing, Dustin has stepped up to the challenge of being a role model to, and leader for fellow students. Teachers used words like “reliable” and “patient” to describe Dustin’s interactions with both students and teachers. It is a pleasure to recognize the maturity Dustin displays every day in class and to reward him for taking on the challenge of being a leader in the school setting.