Tricounty News

November 2013 Students of the Month

In order to recognize achievement, outstanding progress, and responsible behavior in our student body, grade-level teams made up of teachers select one Kimball Area High School student in each grade to be recognized as the Student of the Month. The monthly winners are recognized in school, on the school website, and in the Tri-County News.  They also receive a Dairy Queen gift certificate and Chamber Bucks from the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce.  Special thanks to Annandale’s Dairy Queen and the Kimball Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this program. The following students are recognized for November 2013:

Grade 7–Danielle Terwey-Lyrek

Danielle Terwey-Lyrek was selected as the seventh-grade student of the month. Dani is a quiet leader who sets a great example for her peers. She consistently completes assignments of exceptional quality. Dani is a great listener who follows directions the first time they are given and waits patiently for the next set of instructions. Working well with, and willingness to help fellow students, are other positive attributes we see in Dani.

Grade 8–Nick Gustafson

Nick Gustafson has been selected as the eighth-grade student of the month for November. Nick is described by his teachers as hardworking, respectful, persevering, and fun to be around. Nick’s exceptional work ethic and his knack for “playing school” make him our choice for this month.

Grade 9–Holly Loch

Holly Loch has been selected because of her ability to respectfully persevere for her academic setting. She has worked very hard to achieve academic success and to continue to excel in all academic areas. Holly has the ability to learn cooperatively and her organization skills are consistent. She understands the importance of studying and the effect it has upon the grades that she earns. Holly is an outstanding choice because of her work ethic, positivity and respect she shows to the students and staff of KAHS.

Grade 10–Montana Tschida

Montana is a diligent student who is focused and multi-tasks well. She sets her goals and prepares for her future while successfully keeping her academics strong. She is a role model for other students in her class, as well as underclassmen. She is an asset and delight to have in the classroom.

Grade 11–Skyler Schiefelbein

Skyler Schiefelbein is November’s Junior Student of the Month. Skyler has impressed his teachers in these first months of school. His commitment to improving his grades, his improved quality of work, his willingness to stay after school to complete work, and his initiative to complete a task are all factors that have elevated Skyler’s academic performance. Skyler’s teachers have also noted that although quiet in class, he leads by example. Congratulations to Skyler for being chosen for this award.

Grade 12–Melissa Hickman

The 12th-grade team chose Melissa Hickman as student of the month for November because of her focus on her academics, her responsible nature, and her drive to continuously improve her skills. When she is absent, she is quick to make up her work. In most cases, she gathers work before she is gone so that it is done upon her return.  She has taken a leadership role in group projects. She manages her time well and continues to utilize the resources around her to better understand the content of her classes. Melissa’s hard work, dedication, and drive have earned her this honor.