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Recent local grad sizzling at St. Thomas

She’ll tell you she’s a pretty average college student, but Erin Dingmann is definitely not average.

Kimball Area High School 2012-graduate Erin Dingmann continues to score under par on the golf course, and way over par in the classroom. The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) honored Dingmann this fall with the inaugural prestigious Elite 22 Award, which recognizes a student for his or her combined athletic and academic achievements. It is presented to an All-Championship team member (top 10-finish) with the highest grade-point average. Erin took second of 54 players at the 
Oct. 5-7, MIAC Tournament, helping the Tommies capture a one-stroke win, the program’s first in six years. Dingmann boasts an impressive 4.0 GPAC at 
St. Thomas College, where she pursues a major course of study in marketing, with a minor in French. She attends the institution via academic scholarships from the school and from the Minnesota Women’s Golf Association.
Dingmann Erin


The Elite 22 Award is a new award that the (MIAC) introduced this year, and is very similar to the NCAA Elite 89 Award. It truly is an award that credits both the athletic and academic aspects of student-athletes. “Winning this award has been an amazing experience, and I am so incredibly honored to be placed in a pool of other great athletes who are also great students,” Dingmann said.

Golf has always been a strong presence in Erin’s life.  “I grew up with the Kimball Golf Club practically in my back yard, and the majority of my summers were (and still are) spent out there,” Erin recalled. Dingmann said that watching golf on TV, especially the four majors, sparked a competitive interest in the game for her. And the fact that she played and competed in numerous tournaments with her brothers probably fueled her enthusiasm even further.  “I love the game of golf for a million different reasons, but I think the best part about it is the fact that it is a lifelong sport. It is something that I can take with me and enjoy my entire life,” said Dingmann. Erin knows the ups and downs of golf, but she is probably strongest and most consistent in her iron play. “I think one of the greatest things about the game is how much it tests mental toughness. There are days when my driver is great, but I can’t make a putt, and then the next day the roles are reversed. Those are the days, though, when I learn more about my own game and how to make those adjustments.”

Erin credits much of her success to the “clan” at home. “My family is the best. There are five of us: my dad (Al), my mom (Maureen), and my two older brothers (Matt and Andy). We are all golfers, and I get so much support from each and every one of them. Growing up, I always remember the five of us going golfing together, and we still do when we all have time.”

Al and Maureen Dingmann, Erin’s parents, are proud as punch to witness the growth in Erin’s game. “To see how she has raised her game to the next level and how she has increased the confidence with which she plays, is a real joy. It takes nerves of steel to play golf at the competitive level, and it takes even heartier nerves to be a parent watching your son or daughter compete. When Erin made her final putt on the last hole of the MIAC tournament to win it for
St. Thomas, she told us that she was glad that it was she in that position. She knew she could make it. Erin is a very determined, confident, and competitive individual. The game of golf was created for her. What a thrill it is for all of us to be able to share in her successes, both on and off of the golf course.” When possible, Erin’s parents and siblings attend all of her meets, and she is always overcome by the outpouring of love, and cheering! “I would definitely not be where I am in life without them.”