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Kimball band students perform for contest

After having to wait an extra four weeks due to weather issues, the following Kimball band students were finally able to perform their solo and ensemble music for state-section ratings and receive some wonderful feedback from an adjudicator at Annandale HS Tuesday, April 15.

Superior ratings go to

Kari Schiefelbein - flute solo

Karlee Beehler, Steph Hurrle, Ashlee Ahlrich, and Lauren Libbesmeier - saxophone quartet

McKenzie Dammann - trombone solo

Stacy Hurrle, Blake Gagnon, and David Doran - trumpet trio

Ashlee Ahlrich - tenor sax solo

Kaitlyn Truenow and Lauren Libbesmeier - alto sax duet

Andi, Shelby, Hayley, and Kari Schiefelbein - woodwind ensemble

Shelby Schiefelbein - clarinet solo

Stacy Hurrle and Olivia Straley - trumpet duet

Tessa Mackereth - flute solo

Steph Hurrle - alto sax solo

Excellent ratings go to

Ashlee Ahlrich and Grace Kopitzke - woodwind duet

Karlee Beehler - alto sax solo

The saxophone quartet of Beehler, Hurrle, Ahlrich, and Libbesmeier received a “Best of Site” award as well, beating out 24 other performances for the honor.  But the highest honors go to Andi Schiefelbein for her clarinet solo and Andi and Shelby for their clarinet duet; not only did they receive superior ratings, but a PERFECT SCORE of 40!

A tremendous amount of appreciation also goes to Lori Miller for lending us her time and incredible piano accompaniment skills. Thank you so much, Lori!

Laura Boillat

KAHS Band Long-Term Sub

MN Band Directors Assoc.

Central Region

Beginning Band

Festival Coordinator