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From TCF to the Big G

Wednesday, April 23, junior and senior accounting students traveled to TCF bank located in Wayzata. Students had the opportunity to tour the accounting department and see firsthand the everyday operations of commercial accounting. After touring the facility and meeting several department managers, the students were surprised to learn how diverse the accounting field can actually be.

Following the tour at TCF, students headed to General Mills where they got the opportunity to meet the eMentors they’ve been e-mailing for the past five weeks. eMentors is a program organized by Best Prep and accounting teacher Nancy Bonnifield which connects high school students to business professionals. Leading up to the trip, students exchanged multiple e-mails regarding different elements of their careers including teamwork, perseverance, ethics, communication, and workplace values.
W-GenMillsGroup newspaper

Students were pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the atmosphere and work environment of General Mills. It was evident that General Mills deeply values their employees. This was demonstrated by various benefits such as on-site banking, childcare, healthcare, and fitness. As students toured the headquarters, they learned about the wide variety of products that General Mills produces. The tour also included a view of the Betty Crocker test kitchen, the General Mills product store, and advertising studio.

Overall the trip to TCF and General Mills was an eye-opening experience for all 19 students. Even students not interested in the field of accounting gained valuable career insights. As a class, the students were very thankful for the opportunity.

Written by the Accounting Students at KAHS