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Zipoy to attend Boys State


James Herda of the Frederick A. Metcalf Post 261 of the American Legion in Kimball, announces that at a recent Post meeting it was voted to send Ted Zipoy to the W-Ted-Zipoy-Legion-Boys18866th annual American Legion Boys State, to be held on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, 
June 15-21, 2014.

Roseann Petty was named Post Boys State Chairman.

Scholars to Boys State must be juniors in high school. They are singly honored in view of the outstanding qualifications set forth as requirements in selecting them. They are named through cooperation of the Post, high school faculty, and leading citizens in the community.



Legion Boys State is a practical learning experience in local and state government. Its citizens will apply knowledge already gained through their school experience and additional knowledge provided through instruction by competent individuals from selected governmental areas to organize and operate their own city, county, and state governments. They will be encouraged, through participation, toward a better civic behavior and appreciation of our democratic ideals. It is in no way a military training camp. Programs will be considered without reference to any existing political party and will be free from political propaganda. It is not a recreational outing.


Legion Boys State was first held in Minnesota in 1949 with 169 boys attending on the
St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota. Last year, there were about 385 Boys Staters on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University for the 2013 Boys State Program.

The local Post had been represented by boys through the history of the program.