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Kimball students design new website for Hendricks

Students in Nancy Bonnifield’s Computer Applications 2 class are proud of the new Hendricks Sand & Gravel website. Students worked with Bev Hendricks to find out what the business was looking for in a new site. The process began when the 17 students walked across the school parking lot to tour Hendricks Sand & Gravel and interview Bev and the other employees. Then, each created their own version of a site and submitted it to Bev. Then Bev provided feedback to each student about what she liked or wanted changed on their site.

After about a week of working in class on this project, Bev was invited to Kimball Area High School to have the six finalists present their site to her. She then narrowed down her favorites to two and received feedback from her family about which would be the best. In the end, Shay Krippner had designed the site which can currently be
W-HSG websitefound at

Thank you to Hendricks Sand & Gravel for allowing our students to use your business for a real-life project. In this project, students used design, writing, photography, collaboration, editing and HTML skills. This is the second year Kimball students have created a website for a local business. In May 2013, the students created a site for Kimball Chiropractic which can be found at www.

Shay Krippner’s website for Hendricks Sand & Gravel was chosen by Bev Hendricks as the best of Nancy Bonnifield’s Computer Applications 2 class. Shay is at left, Bev Hendricks is at right in photo. Check out the new site at Submitted photo.