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Pillow talk

It’s human nature. We want what we don’t have. It’s a condition that often follows us through life.JillPertler-RGB

To get what we perceive we don’t have – or didn’t have during childhood – sometimes, as adults, we overcompensate. When she was a girl, my mom had only one doll. As an adult, she collected dolls to the point of near hoarding. Some people fill their china cabinets with china. My mom filled hers with Baby Tender Love, Thumbelina and Swingy.

Other people overcompensate with an overabundance of shoes, cats, comic books, PEZ dispensers, sports memorabilia or anything else one can purchase on eBay. For me, it’s all about pillows.


U of M December Starwatch

It’s no accident that holidays featuring lights are celebrated in December. This month Venus and Jupiter – and possibly one comet – crank up the wattage for us.

In early December, Venus shines as bright as it ever gets. Hanging like a lantern over the sunset horizon, our brilliant sister planet begins the month as a thick crescent, its face about 30 percent lit. By the end of the month, the crescent has lengthened considerably and thinned to a mere
5 percent of the planet’s disk. These changes happen because Venus is circling in for its next pass in front of the sun; soon it will drop from the evening sky.


Nov. 22 Update

American Education Week

We recently observed American Education Week Nov. 18-22. This special week provides us the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and service of the public schools and all its educators. The EV-W faculty and staff met for breakfast Wednesday,
Nov. 20, and recognized the following paraprofessionals, teachers, clerical staff, board members, and maintenance staff for their dedication and years of service to the district: 

• Educational Excellence: Judy Blonigen, Adam Teicher, Lori Unterberger;

• Leadership in Education: Karen Svhihel-Buermann, Becky Kuechle;


Five steps for a quick trip down the aisle

As chief dietary consultant and food preparation specialist in my domicile, I am responsible for the procurement of foodstuffs and other assorted provisions to ensure continuous familial sustenance within our humble abode.

In other words, I do the grocery shopping.

I’ve been at my post for decades, rising from the ranks of grocery greenhorn to that of food aficionado. They don’t give PhDs for grocery-shopping proficiency, but if they did, I’d practically have my bachelor’s degree.


Nov. 15 Update

Dear community friend:

On behalf of the Eden Valley – Watkins School District, administration and staff, we are very grateful for your continued support and commitment to improving educational opportunities for our students. Our combined efforts and teamwork are having a positive impact on the students and families in our communities. Together, our work is making a difference in many lives.

During this special time of year, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve your child, and the impact our instruction is having on academic progress. We ask for your continued support and encouragement as we work together and move our students forward. Every note, phone call and e-mail makes a significant contribution and lasting impression on our students’ lives and helps to advance our educational mission and academic goals.

Warmest wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving Season!