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The gift of remembering

Today I worked outside in the yard. Tending the gardens. Raking. Planting. Pulling weeds. Taking inventory – lilies, hostas, poppies. And rhubarb. The large, elephant-eared leaves growing atop the crisp red stalks triggered thoughts of my mom. The plant was handed down from her garden, as were her recipes for rhubarb sauce and cobbler.

She’s been gone three years. That sounds like a long time. It seems like a long time. Or, maybe not so long at all. Losing someone dear is like that – like taking the Band Aid off slow and fast all at once. A double whammy. It hurts either way you tear it.

Three years, and it’s small things, like rhubarb, that make me miss her.


May 31 Update


There are moments that I wish community members and parents could see what I see taking place in the EV-W school system. The past year has produced such memorable moments, that I consider it a blessing to have the opportunity to work with such caring and compassionate professionals.

Throughout the past weeks I’ve participated in multiple student ceremonies and banquets recognizing children overcoming obstacles, reaching their goals, and achieving major milestones. It warms my heart to see the people and the action taking place behind the scenes to make so many dreams come true. I recently saw a teacher draw her arm around a crying little girl and wipe away her tears. I observed another teacher enthused and excited to work with a group of students trying to master their final performance before taking the stage. I witnessed an administrator and counselor comforting a student dealing with issues that children shouldn’t have to deal with. I saw faculty and clerical staff providing constant communication and updates throughout the busy week. I saw a gracious librarian turn her library into a classroom for teachers for the majority of a week. I observed the office staff comforting and reassuring parents calling in and confirming end of the year details. I watched the cafeteria staff work at a rushed pace to make sure everyone got fed. I even had the opportunity to watch track and field, softball, and involved coaches win sub-section and section titles. Everywhere I turned I saw not only trained, professional staff attending to your children, I saw wonderful caring individuals taking care of your children. Eden Valley – Watkins parents and community, be proud of your school. The EV-W faculty, staff, and administration are committed to you and your children. Thank you for a great year!



“A puddle is generally small enough for an adult to step over, shallow enough to walk through and too small to traverse in a boat or raft. Puddles can be a source of fascination for children.” Wikipedia

Wipers swished in cadence across the windshield this morning as I drove child number three to school. We had to stop for gas en route and when I stepped out of the car my shoe made direct contact with an unforeseen puddle.


May 24 Update

Legislative Update:

The legislative session came to a close this week with some major wins for Greater Minnesota education. The K-12 Omnibus Bill is packed with changes that will affect our school district.  I’ve dissected some of the approved funding and provided the following highlights:

• 1.5 percent & 1.5 percent on the formula in FY ’14 and FY ’15 

• All Day-Every Day Kindergarten funded in FY ’15 with K pupils weighted at 1.0


I’ll do it later

“Never put off ’till tomorrow what you can do today.” Thomas Jefferson

Yeah right.

I’ve been meaning to write a column about procrastination – I just never got around to it. Besides, I’m not sure even Thomas Jefferson could abide by his own words 100 percent of the time. Most of us have succumbed to the sin of avoiding that which needs to be done at least once or twice.