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4-H’ers participate in Rabbit Bowl contest

Here are some questions for you: What is the body portion of the butterfly marking? Answer – Nosefork. What’s the act of giving birth by rabbits? Answer – Kindle or Kindling. According to color genetics how many colors of domestic rabbits are there? Answer - 2 - Black and Chocolate. Wow! There sure is a lot to know and these are just three examples of the questions answered by six Meeker County 4-H’ers as they participated in the Regional Rabbit Bowl Contest held on Saturday, March 2, in Foley. Our Junior Team competed against 11 other teams from across the state. This team was new to project bowl competition and did a great job! Congratulations on your achievements!

Junior Team members included: Laura Shoutz of Litchfield, Frank Beier of Cosmos, Ruby Radunz of Hutchinson, Anthony Schettler of Eden Valley, Cora Huhn of Litchfield, and Ethan Beier of Cosmos. This team placed seventh overall.  Their coaches, Dawn and Elijah Michaletz, are extremely proud of their accomplishments!

Rabbit Bowl is a “quiz bowl” competition where all questions deal with rabbit topics. Teams of four to six members compete with each other in giving oral answers to questions posed by a moderator. Questions are on topics such as nutrition, reproduction, breeds, and judging.  Teams receive points for correct answers and may lose points for incorrect answers. The team with the highest final score is the winner.  The contest is organized on a double-elimination basis, with winning teams advancing into further rounds, until a champion team is selected.

For more information on how to become involved in Rabbit Project Bowl or 4-H, please call the Meeker County Extension Office at (320) 693-5275, or toll-free (877) 993-5275, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit their websites at or