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Meeker County Fair names 4-H Champions

The following are the names and placings of the 2013 Meeker County Fair 4-H Champions. Listed are the project title, the placing (GC=Grand Champion, RC=Reserve Champion), followed by individual’s name and club. In this issue we are listing only the Kimball Kruisers (KK), and Valley Victors (VV).4-H Marketing GC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

4-H Marketing RC Andrew Massmann KK

Aerospace RC George Lemke VV

Beef-breeding heifer GC Tori Barka VV

Beef-breeding heifer RC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Beef-Market Heifer RC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Beef-cow/calf pairs GC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Beef-baby beef GC Madelyn Ludwig VV

Beef Skill-A-Thon-Beg. GC Madelyn Ludwig VV

Beef Skill-A-Thon-Beg. GC Taylor Ludwig VV

Beef Skill-A-Thon-Int. GC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Beef Skill-A-Thon-Sr. GC Tori Barka VV

Bicycle GC Andrew Massmann KK

Child & Family Development RC Cailyn Kuechle KK

Clothing & Textiles-Clothes You Make GC Anne Gathje VV

Clothing & Textiles-Clothes You Make RC Gretta Lemke VV

Club Banner GC Kimball Kruisers

Club Scrapbook RC Kimball Kruisers

Club Share-the-Fun GC Kimball Kruisers

Consumer Education RC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Corn GC James Gathje VV

Corn RC George Lemke VV

Creative Arts-Fine Arts GC Josh Miller KK

Creative Arts-Fine Arts RC Maicy Vossen KK

Dairy-Junior Champion (Calf) RC Arnie Gruenes VV

Dairy Showmanship-Beg. GC Ashley Gruenes VV

Dairy Showmanship-Beg. RC Andy Gruenes VV

Dairy Showmanship-Int. RC Arnie Gruenes VV

Dairy Interviews-Int. GC Katherine Gathje VV

Dairy Interviews-Int. RC Shelby Kuechle VV

Demonstrations-Beg. GC Adrienne Lipinski VV

Demonstrations-Beg. RC Gretta Lemke VV

Demonstrations-Int. GC George Lemke VV

Demonstrations-Int. RC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Electric GC George Lemke VV

Exploring the Environment GC Kari Schiefelbein KK

Exploring the Environment RC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

Fashion Review-Constructed-Beg. GC Madelyn Hunt KK

Fashion Review-Constructed-Beg. RC Adrienne Lipinski VV

Fashion Review-Constructed-Sr. GC Kaitlyn Truenow KK

Fashion Review-Constructed-Sr. RC Anne Gathje VV

Fashion Review-Purchased-Beg. RC Madelyn Hunt KK

Fashion Review-Purchased-Int. GC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Fashion Review-Purchased-Int. RC Maicy Vossen KK

Fashion Review-Purchased-Sr. GC Tess Vossen KK

Fishing Sports RC Jonathon Gathje VV

Food & Nutrition GC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Food Review-Beg. GC Cailyn Kuechle KK

Food Review-Beg. GC Adrienne Lipinski VV

Food Review-Int. GC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Food Review-Sr. GC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Geology GC Maicy Vossen KK

Geospatial GC Kari Schiefelbein KK

Global Connections RC James Gathje VV

Goat-Market Wether-Dairy Type RC Sidney Kuechle VV

Goat-Market Wether-Meat Type RC Corine Schlangen VV

Market Goat-Showmanship-Beg. GC Sidney Kuechle VV

Market Goat-Showmanship-Beg. RC Sawyer Kuechle VV

Market Goat Showmanship-Sr. RC Anne Gathje VV

Horse-Beg. Games GC Cassidy Becker VV

Horse-Int. Games RC Maci Scott VV

Horse-Beg. Pleasure GC Cassidy Becker VV

Horse-Senior Pleasure GC Tori Barka VV

Horse-Trail GC Tori Barka VV

Horse Training GC Tori Barka VV

Interstate Exchange RC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Performing Arts-Fair GC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

Performing Arts Day-Beg. GC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

Performing Arts Day-Int. RC Kari Schiefelbein KK

Photography-Elements of Photography GC Tess Vossen KK

Photography-Elements of Photography RC Mitchell Hurrle KK

Photography-Creative/Applied Photography GC Tess Vossen KK

Photography-Creative/Applied Photography RC Maicy Vossen KK

Plant & Soil Science GC James Gathje VV

Potatoes RC Tucker Maas VV

Poultry-Chickens RD Kristina Kastanek KK

Poultry-Guinea GC George Lemke VV

Poultry-Guinea RC George Lemke VV

Poultry-Turkeys GC George Lemke VV

Poultry-Turkeys RC Anthony Schettler VV

Poultry-Show & Hobby GC Gretta Lemke VV

Poultry Showmanship-Beg. GC Gretta Lemke VV

Poultry Showmanship-Int. GC George Lemke VV

Poultry Showmanship-Int. RC Katherine Gathje VV

Poultry Skill-A-Thon-Beg. RC Gretta Lemke VV

Poultry Skill-A-Thon-Beg. RC Anthony Schettler VV

Poultry Skill-A-Thon-Int. RC George Lemke VV

Rabbit-Small Breeds RC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Rabbit Skill-A-Thon-Beg. GC Taylor Ludwig VV

Rabbit Skill-A-Thon-Int. RC Shelby Kuechle VV

Scrapbooking GC Justine Miller KK

Sheep-Breeding Ewe GC Austin Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-Breeding Ewe RC Austin Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-Market Lamb GC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-Market Lamb RC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Showmanship-Beg. GC Luci Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Showmanship-Beg. RC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Showmanship-Int. GC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Showmanship-Int. RC Payton Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Showmanship-Sr. GC Austin Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Showmanship-Sr. RC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Beg. GC Luci Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Beg. GC Gretta Lemke VV

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Beg. RC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-lamb Lead-Int. GC Abbey Schiefelbein KK

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Int. RC George Lemke VV

Sheep-Lamb Lead-Sr. GC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Sheep Interview GC George Lemke VV

Swine-Breeding Gilt GC Adrienne Lipinski VV

Swine-Litter of Three GC Adrienne Lipinski VV

Swine Showmanship-Beg. GC Madelyn Ludwig VV

Swine Showmanship-Int. GC Trevyn Ludwig VV

Swine Showmanship-Int. RC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Swine Skill-A-Thon-Beg. RC Taylor Ludwig VV

Swine Skill-A-Thon-Int. GC Trevyn Ludwig VV

Swine Skill-A-Thon-Int. RC MaKenna Ludwig VV

Vegetable Gardening GC Kristina Kastanek KK

Water/Wetlands GC Casey Gohmann KK

Water/Wetlands RC Bailee Schiefelbein KK

Wildlife Biology RC Gregory Gathje VV

Youth Leadership GC Shelby Schiefelbein KK

Youth Leadership RC Cora Gohmann KK