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Meeker County 4-H Livestock at State Fair

St. Paul, MN (8/25/13) – Minnesota 4-H’ers from more than 83 counties arrived with more than 2,885 animals at the 2013 “Great Minnesota Get-Together” for this year’s 4-H livestock encampment held Thursday, Aug. 22 – Sunday, Aug. 25.

Meeker County exhibits:

Arnie Gruenes, son of Arnie and Kris Gruenes of Richmond, won the Grand Champion place at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, in the 4-H Dairy Show, for his red and white heifer. Arnie is seen in this photo proudly with his prize-winning heifer.Submitted photo.


• Beef: 605 exhibits (6 from Meeker Co.)

• Dairy: 469 exhibits (10 from Meeker Co.)

• Goats: 317 exhibits (6 from Meeker Co.)

• Poultry: 265 exhibits (4 from Meeker Co.)

• Rabbits: 314 exhibits (5 from Meeker Co.)

• Sheep: 358 exhibits (0 from Meeker Co.)

• Swine: 488 exhibits (1 from Meeker Co.)


4-H’ers have been preparing for this event all summer long. There are several components a member considers when they decide to exhibit livestock, including selection and preparation of the animal, educational programming, scholarship applications, and participation at county fairs.

Education is integral in the “learn by doing” philosophy of 4-H. As part of the educational component, Minnesota 4-H requires every youth participating in the livestock encampment to take part in a livestock interview. Examples of the interview process include an on-line knowledge test, skill-a-thons, and personal interviews about their project area.

Along with interviews, all 4-H youth participating in livestock programming are required to complete the Livestock Quality Assurance and Ethics (LQA&E) Training. Through this certification, youth are educated on bio-security, educating the public on the role of livestock, and caring for their animal’s welfare.

Returning for the sixth year is the Peer Mentor program, a partnership between Minnesota 4-H and the Minnesota Foundation for Responsible Animal Care (MnFRAC). This program assists youth in understanding the role of livestock not only as a project, but as products that ultimately consumers purchase and use.  As 4-H exhibitors share their animals with the general public, they use the opportunity to educate consumers about all stages of livestock production.

Many 4-H participants also have the opportunity to finance their education as recipients of scholarships. This year, the 4-H Dairy Project offered the fourth annual 4-H Dairy Showcase and awarded special recognition and scholarships to 25 outstanding participants based on their dairy industry knowledge, 4-H dairy project involvement, and state fair dairy show results.

The annual Purple Ribbon Auction sponsored by the Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association (MLBA) presents 20 scholarships to youth with well-rounded leadership, community service, and livestock involvement throughout their 4-H career. Quality animals, quality kids, and quality buyers made the 34th annual Purple Ribbon Auction, which is an annual parade of champion beef, lambs, goats, and swine a success. Five new record prices were set and one tied. The auction raised more than $450,000 in additional premium dollars from 100 animals for Minnesota 4-H youth and programs.

4-H not only produces purple ribbon animals, but more importantly is focused on producing purple ribbon kids! Congratulations to all the youth from 4-H that participated in the Livestock Encampment at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair.  Meeker County 4-H’ers who participated included:

Placing Key:

CH – Grand Champion

RC – Reserve Champion

PR – Purple

BL – Blue

RD – Red

WH – White 

Barka, Victoria, Beef-Registered Black Angus-Junior Yearling - BL

Barka, Victoria, Beef-Breeding Heifer Senior Showmanship - PA

Behm, Erin-Lynn, Dairy-Guernsey-Spring Junior Yearling - RD

Beier, Frank, Rabbit-Rex-Senior Doe - BL

Bjork, Daniel, Rabbit-Mini Rex-Junior Buck - PR

Frenchick, Jon, Dairy Skill-a-thon/Interviews-Finalist

Frenchick, Jon, Dairy-Jersey-Aged Cow PR

Gathje, Anne, Dairy-Holstein-Grade-Summer Junior Yearling - BL

Gathje, James, Dairy Skill-a-thon/Interviews-Finalist

Gathje, James, Dairy-Brown Swiss-2 Year Old - BL

Gathje, Katherine, Goat-Lighweight Dairy Market Goat (33-60 lbs.) - BL

Gathje, Katherine, Market Goat Showmanship-Intermediate - BL

Gruenes, Arnie, Dairy-Red and White-Senior Yearling, Champion Red & White Heifer - CH

Hicks, Abigail, Goat-Toggenburg Purebred or American-Milking 2-Yr Doe - BL

Hicks, Abigail, Dairy Goat Showmanship-Senior - BL

Kohls, Kylee, Beef-Crossbred Steer - BL

Kohls, Kylee, Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship - PA

Kohls, Kylee, Beef Skill-a-thon/Interviews - Winner

Krumrie, Matthew, Dairy-Brown Swiss-Spring Junior Yearling - PR

Krumrie, Nicole, Dairy-Brown Swiss-Calf - BL

Kuechle, Shelby, Rabbit-ex-Junior Doe - BL

Kutzke, Kayla, Dairy-Holstein-Registered-Fall Calf - BL

Lemke, George, Poultry-Turkeys-breeding pen - BL

Ludwig, MaKenna, Beef-Breeding Heifer Intermediate Showmanship - PA

Ludwig, MaKenna, Beef-Registered Black Angus-Spring Calf - RD

Ludwig, Trevyn, Swine-Market Gilts (242-249 lbs.) - BL

Maas, Taylor, Animal Science Media Intern - PA

Michaletz, Elijah, Rabbit-Promo Poster-Gr. 9+ - PA

Michaletz, Elijah, Rabbit Skill-a-thon/Interviews-Finalist

Michaletz, Elijah, Rabbit Showmanship-Advanced, Reserve Champion Advanced Showmanship - RC

Michaletz, Elijah, Rabbit-Satin-Intermediate Doe, Reserve Champion Satin - RC

Olson, Louis, Dairy Goat Showmanship-Senior - BL

Olson, Louis, Goat-Oberhasli-Milking 3 & 4 Yr Doe, Champion Oberhasli Senior Doe - CH

Pearson, Kjersten, Beef-Market Heifer - RD

Peterson, Jase, Beef-Prospect Calf-Steer - BL

Peterson, Jase, Beef-Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship - PA

Peterson, Katie, Demonstration-Team - BL

Peterson, Katie, Rabbit-Promo Poster-Gr. 9+ - PA

Peterson, Katie, Rabbit-Dutch-Senior Doe - BL

Peterson, Ryan, Rabbit-Promo Poster-Gr. 6-8 - PA

Peterson, Ryan, Poultry-Promo Poster-Gr. 6-8 - PA

Peterson, Ryan, Demonstration-Team - BL

Peterson, Ryan, Pouyltry-Ducks-Breeding Pen - BL

Quade, Jerrod, Beef-Market Beef Senior Showmanship - PA

Quade, Jerrod, Beef-Crossbred Steer - BL

Radunz, Alison, Demonstration-Individual - PR

Radunz, Alison, Poultry-Educational Poster-Gr. 9+ - RC

Radunz, Alison, Poultry BBQ Contest

Radunz, Alison, Poultry-Chickens-Bantam Breeding Pen - BL

Radunz, Ruby, Poultry-Promo Poster-Gr. 3-5 - PA

Radunz, Ruby, Rabbit-Promo Poster-Gr. 3-5 - PA

Renne, Wyatt, Dairy Goat Skill-a-thon/Interviews-Finalist

Renne, Wyatt, Goat-Toggenburg Purebred or American-Senior Doe Kid - BL

Renne, Wyatt, Dairy Goat Showmanship-Intermediate - PR

Schmidt, Cory, Dairy-Jersey-Suymmer Junior Yearling, Reserve Chanpion Jersey Heifer - RC

Stenmark, Addison, Poultry-Geese-Breeding Pen, Reserve Champion Breeding Geese - RC

Warren, Ashley, Dairy-Holstein-Registered-Fall Calf - BL

Warren, Ashley, Dairy Skill-a-thon/Interviews-Finalist

Warren, Ashley, Dairy Showmanship-Intermediate Division, Champion Dairy Showmanship-Intermediate Division - CH

Whitcomb, Madison, Market Goat Showmanship-Senior - BL

Whitcomb, Madison, Goat-Medium weight Dairy Market Goat (66-76 lbs.) - BL

Williamson, Daniel, Goat-Meat Breeding Yearling Doe-Dry - BL

Williamson, Daniel, Goat-Meat Doe Showmanship-Intermediate - BL

Williamson, Daniel, Demonstration-Individual - BL

Williamson, Daniel, Meat Goat Skiull-a-thon/Interviews-Finalist

The 4-H program is funded through a partnership of federal, state, county and private resources and is part of the University of Minnesota Extension Service. More Minnesota State Fair results and photos can be found at