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Eden Valley Daze Pedal Tractor Pull results

The Valley Daze Pedal Tractor Pull competition was held Friday evening, Aug. 30, as it had to be canceled from the original 
Valley Daze celebration because of severe weather.

Listed are first, second and third place winners by age category. There were 37 children participating in the event.

4 years old

1. Jennifer Gruenes-Eden Valley

2. Braydon Molitor-Cold Spring

3. Aiden Larson-Eden Valley

5 years old

1. Leah Hopfensperge-Eden Valley

2. Lily Schultz-Eden Valley

3. Noah Larson-Eden Valley

6 years old

1. Colton Harff-Watkins

2. Hayli Hemingson-Eden

3. Brayden Kramer-Eden Valley


7 years old

1. Mitchell Lipinski-Eden Valley

2. Rebekah Hopfensperger-Eden Valley

3. Kaitlin Breuchel-Cold Spring

8 years old

1. Austin Molitor-Cold Spring

2. Mathew Lovell-Eden Valley

3. Landon Winkleman-Eden Valley

9 years old
W-IMG 0829

1. Karlis Breuchel-Cold Spring

2. Kayla Hilley-Cold Spring

3. Jacob Hopfensperger-Eden Valley

10 years old

1. Jess Gruenes-Becker

2. X

3. X

11 years old

1. Adrienne Lipenski-Eden Valley

2. Jaylah Umana-Watkins

3. Anthony Schettle-Eden Valley

Even though numbers were low (37 participants), the make-up Valley Daze kiddie tractor pull drew a modest crowd Friday evening,
Aug. 30, in Eden Valley. (You can see that work is finally being done on Highway 22 in the background.) Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.