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EV-W-K tracksters show well at Foley Invite

The Eden Valley-Watkins-

Kimball boys’ and girls’ track teams had a pretty good showing last Tuesday, April 23, at the Foley High School Invitational. The Falcon’s Field House was the event site, as Mother Nature again put the kibosh on competing outdoors. Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball girls’ track and field coach Gordy Schlangen was very optimistic. “It was good to run against some very good competition even though it was indoors.” Despite being confined to the indoor venue, all of the girls did a great job, and the stars shined plenty bright. “Holly Loch was first in long jump. Brittany Hesse placed in 3 events including second in the 400, and third in long jump. Abbey Straley placed in all 4 of her events, and Ariel Laabs placed third in shot. Tiffany Keuchle took third in hurdles, while Madison Hurrle snatched third in the 400. Malina Röttgermann also placed in 3 events. The 4x400 team of Brittany Hesse, Emily Donnay, Abbey Straley, and Malina Röttgermann finished in an impressive second place, and many others did well,” Schlangen said.

According to boys’ track and field coach Jason Mortenson, because it is so early in the season, he just wanted to make up a line up to get kids involved, and to meet some great competition. “We’re still going through early season mistakes and hopefully we can get them corrected as we get ready for the outdoors. We had some good performances to build off of.” One of those good performances was turned in by EV-W-K’s Austyn Schlueter. Smashing the shot put school record by an incredible two feet, Schlueter hurled the orb an amazing 47-10.00!

Following are the results:

Girls’ 55-meter dash: First Place, Vanessa Brenny, Foley - 7.66; EV-W-K: Abbey Straley, fifth, 8.02; Erika Johnson, 19th, 9.07; Seahara Mancini, 21st, 9.13

Boys’ 55-meter dash: First Place, Tyler Beehler, Foley - 6.65; EV-W-K: Austin Pelkey, second, 6.76; DeShaun James, tied sixth, 7.03; John Salzl, 11th, 7.43

Girls’ 200-meter dash: First Place, Kaija Crowe, Milaca - 27.57; EV-W-K: Miranda Albert, seventh, 30.08; Holly Loch, 22nd, 36.10

Boys’ 200-meter dash: First Place, Brian Huber, Staples-Motley - 24.01; EV-W-K: Torey Rohloff, ninth, 25.95; John Salzl, 16th, 27.50

Girls’ 400-meter dash: First Place, Emily Muetzel, Glencoe-Silver Lake - 1:04.77; EV-W-K: Brittany Hesse, second, 1:07.04; Madison Hurrle, third, 1:07.42; Abbey Straley, seventh, 1:09.14

Boys’ 400-meter dash: First Place, Tyler Beehler, Foley - 51.91; EV-W-K: Austin Pelkey, third, 52.66; Austin Marx, 7th, 58.10; Sawyer Mies, 17th, 1:05.24

Girls’ 800-meter run: First Place, Ali McGraw, Litchfield - 2:39.67; EV-W-K: Malina Röttgermann, fourth, 2:45.43; Kristen Howe, 16th, 3:10.48; Madeleine Geislinger, 19th, 3:14.58

Boys’ 800-meter run: First Place, Brandon Richter, Glencoe-Silver Lake, 2:12.07; EV-W-K: Kirby Knutson, fourth, 2:15.49; Matt Benson, fifth, 2:15.51; Chris Laam, 20th, 2:53.62; Samuel Ehlinger, 21st, 2:56.23

Girls’ 1600-meter run: First Place, Tori Burr, Glencoe-Silver Lake - 5:39.60; EV-W-K: Mandy Molitor, 15th, 6:40.05; Kendra Atherton, 16th, 6:48.50; Katie Gaslin, 20th, 7:42.23

Boys’ 1600-meter run: First Place, Garrett Ober, Glencoe-Silver Lake - 5:03.86; EV-W-K: James Gathje, 14th, 5:46.52; John Zipoy, 15th, 5:50.73

Girls’ 3200-meter run: First Place, Sam Sunstrom, Sauk Rapids-Rice - 11:44.98; EV-W-K: Steph Roeser, seventh, 16:21.98; Hannah Holmberg, eighth, 17:19.96

Boys’ 3200-meter run: First Place, Javier Calva, Glencoe-Silver Lake – 11:07.56

Girls’ 55-meter hurdles: First Place, Allie Terpstra, Milaca - 9.64; EV-W-K: Tiffany Kuechle, third, 9.81; Emily Donnay, eighth, 10.24; Emma Kuechle, 16th, 11.06

Boys’ 55-meter hurdles: First Place, Jake Lynch, Sauk Rapids-Rice - 8.35; EV-W-K: Connor Wittenberg, second, 8.65; Thomas Neuman, 11th, 10.36; James Gathje, 19th, 12.01

Girls’ 4x200-meter relay: First Place, Milaca @ 1:51.65; sixth Place, EV-W-K @ 2:01.12

Boys’ 4x200-meter relay: First Place, Glencoe-Silver Lake @ 1:38.73; fourth Place, EV-W-K @ 1:44.82

Girls’ 4x400-meter relay: First Place, Glencoe-Silver Lake @ 4:28.40; second Place, EV-W-K @ 4:32.44

Boys’ 4x400-meter relay: First Place, Foley @ 3:38.39; second Place, EV-W-K @ 3:43.69  

Girls’ 4x800-meter relay: First Place, Litchfield @ 10:49.47; seventh Place, EV-W-K @ 11:46.12

Boys’ 4x800-meter relay: First Place, Sauk Rapids-Rice @ 9:19.69; fifth Place, EV-W-K @ 9:47.51

Girls’ High Jump: First Place, Kaija Crowe, Milaca - 5-02.00; EV-W-K: Malina Röttgermann, tied 4-08.00; Missy Kummet, tied 4-06.00; Hannah Ehlinger, tied 15th;

Boys’ High Jump: First Place, Brian Huber, Staples-Motley - 6-04.00; EV-W-K: Austin Marx, tied 5-04.00; Kirby Knutson, tied 5:00.00;

Girls’ Long Jump: First Place, Holly Loch, EV-W-K - 15-10.00; Brittany Hesse, third, 15-05.00; Taeya Rohloff, 14th, 12-09.00;

Boys’ Long Jump: First Place, Brian Huber, Staples-Motley - 20-11.00; EV-W-K: John Salzl, 10th, 16-09.00

Girls’ Triple Jump: First Place, Greta Walsh, Litchfield - 34-03.00; EV-W-K: Abbey Straley, seventh, 29-04.00; Courtney Geislinger, 15th, 24-11.00

Boys’ Triple Jump: First Place, Chad Johnson, Litchfield – 41-05.00; EV-W-K: Connor Wittenberg, fourth, 39-00.00; Samuel Ehlinger, 13th, 32-08.00

Girls’ Shot Put: First Place, Meghan Nelson, Litchfield - 35-00.00; EV-W-K: Ariel Laabs, third, 33.02.00; Allie Seth, 10th, 29-06.00; Kaylee Petty, 11th, 29-03.00; Raevon Willner, 12th, 29-02.00; Amanda McCann, 32nd, 22-02.00; Ashley Kelly, 40th, 16-05.00

Boys’ Shot Put: First Place, Abdalla Abu-Sara, Litchfield - 48-00.00; EV-W-K: Austyn Schlueter, second, 47-10.00; Tyler Smith, 22nd, 35-04.00; Matt Benson, 25th, 34-03.00; Jacob Leither, 27th, 32-10.00; Weston Blanchard, 34th, 28-02.00; Sam Wittrock, 39th, 24-04.00

Girls’ Pole Vault: First Place, Alisha Stemper, Foley - 9-07.00; EV-W-K: Maicy Vossen, tied 6-00.00;

Boys’ Pole Vault: First Place, Tanner Konen, Glenco-Silver Lake - 12-00.00; EV-W-K: John Zipoy, tied 7-06.00; Shadly Callahan, tied 7-06.00; Tommy Lochen, tied 6-00.00

In the 15-event contest, both the boys’ and girls’ EV-W-K teams placed right in the middle of the 8-team competition, at fourth. The boys earned 76 total points and the girls earned 79.25.W-DeShawn-James-Track-IMG 0253

EV-W-K runner DeShaun James tied sixth in the boys’ 55-meter dash with 7.03 Tuesday, April 23, at Foley High School. 
W-Connor-Wittenberg-Track-IMG 0419






Connor Wittenberg doing the high jump at Foley.