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EV-W-K cross country teams show well at Little Crow Invite

The Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball cross-country teams participated in the New London-Spicer Invitational (Little Crow GC) on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 12. In the girls 4K run, the EV-W-K squad finished right in the middle of the pack, taking fourth place with a time of 1:28:14.02. Lac qui Parle took first place, finishing with a time of 1:21:00.95.

Results: Varsity girls 4K run: (second) Emily Donnay, 15:31.91; (19th) Denzel Atherton, 17:20.15; (25th) Grace Kopitzke, 17:55.23; (30th) Brooke Winter, 18:18.82; (37th) Taylor Schreiner, 19:07.91; (38th) Stephanea Roeser, 19:10.29; (39th) Maria Roeser, 19:13.14; Varsity boys 5K run:  (32nd) Bret Mattice, 20:01.72; Junior Varsity girls 4K run: (third) Hannah Holmberg, 19:01.00; (fifth) Emily Utecht, 19:35.00; (eighth) Madison Libbesmeier, 19:41.00; (10th) Sonora Mattice, 19:46.00; (13th) Hannah Ehlinger, 20:18.00; (14th) Libby Yozamp, 20:20.00; (15th) Victoria Denn, 20:21.00; (18th) Ashley DeJuliannie, 20:41.00; (20th) Lexie Pauls, 20:43.00; (21st) Seahara Mancini, 20:44.00; (25th) Lindsey Kavanagh, 20:59.00; (29th) Kristen Howe, 21:38.00; (30th) Lauren Libbesmeier, 21:42.00; (31st) Erika Johnson, 23:00.00; (32nd) Cheyenne Sogge, 23:36.00; (34th) Ashley Schindele, 24:22.00; Junior Varsity boys 5K run: (eighth) Matthew Notch, 21:03.58; (11th) Tyler Neu, 21:41.74; (19th) Cameron Flaschenriem, 23:21.70; (20th) Joey Kuechle, 23:22.97.


Team: Girls Varsity: (first) Lac qui Parle, 1:21:00.95; (second) Benson/KMS, 1:23:33:21; (third) Litchfield, 1:26:30.76; (fourth) EV-W-K, 1:28:14.02; (fifth) Sauk Centre, 1:31:23.91; (sixth) Morris Area School, 1:30:57.16; (seventh) BOLD/BLH, 1:43:07.46.

Next on the slate for the runners is 4:15 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, for the EV-W-K Invitational (at Kimball Golf Club).
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Four running for EV-W-K at New London-Spicer cross-country meet are, from left, Lexie Pauls, Kristen Howe, Seahara Mancini, and Cheyenne Sogge.


Running for the EV-W-K cross country team in the NLS Invitational are Cheyenne Sogge and Cameron Flaschenriem.