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EV-W-K girls’ and boys’ track teams shine strong at St. John’s Prep

The Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball girls’ and boys’ track and field teams traveled to St. John’s Prep Friday, May 3, for a 7-team showdown. The squads captured second place in their respective divisions. Boys’ coach Jason Mortenson is happy with the results and sees a promising season ahead. “Connor Wittenberg broke the school record in the 110-meter hurdles for Kimball! The team finished second to Maple Lake, again. Our
W-EWK-TRACK-img 5372team is getting stronger with many personal bests each meet and we are competing well with all the teams at the meets. Maple Lake is incredibly tough and will probably go to True Team State again this year. We have two more meets to prepare for the conference meet. We basically have our line-up ready, but need to fine-tune a couple of events for the next two meets to see if we can better our chances.”  EV-W-K girls’ coach Gordy Schlangen echoes Mortenson’s sentiments.  “At St. Johns, the girls’ team had 11 different personal bests in their events. They did a great job and finished second to a tough Maple Lake team.”

EV-W-K girls who led in the shot put did a great job of tossing the steel at St. John’s Prep. They placed first (Raevon Willner), second (Ariel Laabs), third (Kaylee Petty), and fourth (Allie Seth). Photo courtesy Vanessa Schlueter


Following are the results:

Girls’ 100-meter dash: First Place, Destine Butturff, HL-W-W, 13.34; EV-W-K: Eighth Place, Savanna Gohmann, 14.34; 11th Place, Kaylee Petty, 14.71; 17th Place, Taeya Rohloff, 15.36; 18th Place, Seahara Mancini, 15.51; 21st Place, Cheyenne Sogge, 15.68; 31st Place, Erin Diffley, 17.21

Boys’ 100-meter dash: First Place, Brian Thorstad, Osakis, 11.22; EV-W-K: Second Place, Deshaun James; 11th Place, Alex Schoenwetter, 12.47; 19th Place, Thomas Neuman, 13.12; 20th Place, Trent Gehrke, 13.29; 21st Place, Monte Albert, 13.38; 37th Place, Dylan Hahn, 14.75; 38th Place, Dylan Brown, 14.76. 

Girls’ 200-meter dash: First Place, Marisa Fiecke, HL-W-W, 26.96; EV-W-K: Eighth Place, Holly Loch, 29.33; 11th Place, Macey Hurrle, 30.40; 12th Place, Julia Stotz, 30.72  

Boys’ 200-meter dash: First Place, Austin Pelkey, EV-W-K, 22.89; Third Place, Deshaun James, 23.77; 10th Place, Tommy Lochen, 26.01

Girls’ 400-meter dash: First Place, Marisa Fiecke, HL-W-W, 1:01.92; EV-W-K: Third Place, Brittany Hesse, 1:05.20; Fourth Place, Madison Hurrle, 1:05.54; Fifth Place, Noelle Hesse, 1:06.85; Seventh Place, Macey Hurrle, 1:10.64

Boys’ 400-meter dash: First Place, Austin Pelkey, EV-W-K, 51.68; Fourth Place, Austin Marx, EV-W-K, 55.81; Eighth Place, Sawyer Mies, 1:01.59

Girls’ 800-meter run: First Place, Clare Culligan, SJP, 2:33.79; EV-W-K: Third Place, Malina Röttgermann, 2:42.67; sixth Place, Courtney Geislinger, 2:50.07

Boys’ 800-meter run: First Place, Ryan Kalinowski, Maple Lake, 2:08.53

Girls’ 1600-meter run: First Place, Sommer Carlson, Maple Lake, 5:45.37; EV-W-K: Fourth Place, Mandy Molitor, 6:30.32; Eighth Place, Kendra Atherton, 6:55.00; 12th Place, Katie Gaslin, 7:14.00

Boys’ 1600-meter run: First Place, Connor Schank, HL-W-W, 4:56.28

Girls’ 3200-meter run: First Place, Sommer Carlson, Maple Lake, 12:45.00; EV-W-K: Third Place, Hannah Holmberg, 14:49.00; Fourth Place, Steph Roeser, 15:03.00

Boys’ 3200-meter run: First Place, Zach Carlson, Royalton, 10:23.00

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles: First Place, Courtney Pribyl, Maple Lake, 16.74; EV-W-K: Third Place, Tiffany Kuechle, 17.71; Fourth Place, Maline Röttgermann, 18.18; Sixth Place, Emily Donnay, 18.60

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles: First Place, Connor Wittenberg, EV-W-K, 15.56; Ninth Place, James Gathje, 21.00

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles: First Place, Zoe Novak, SJP, 49.49; EV-W-K: Second Place, Emily Donnay, 51.06; Fourth Place, Abbey Straley, 52.19; Seventh Place, Emma Kuechle, 56.37

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles: First Place, Connor Wittenberg, EV-W-K, 43.11; Second Place, Shadly Callahan, 44.41; Seventh Place, Thomas Neuman, 50.75

Girls’ 4x100-meter relay: First Place, Maple Lake, 53.65; EV-W-K: Third Place, 54.65 

Boys’ 4x100-meter relay: First Place, Maple Lake, 46.68; EV-W-K: Second Place, 47.43

Girls’ 4x200-meter relay: First Place, Osakis, 1:50.74; EV-W-K: Third Place, 1:56.76

Boys’ 4x200-meter relay: First Place, Maple Lake, 1:37.71; EV-W-K: Second Place, 1:37.84

Girls’ 4x400-meter relay: First Place, EV-W-K, 4:27.02

Boys’ 4x400-meter relay: First Place, EV-W-K, 3:41.37

Girls’ 4x800-meter relay: First Place, Maple Lake, 10:32.46; EV-W-K: Fourth Place, 11:30.00

Boys’ 4x800-meter relay: First Place, Maple Lake, 8:35.56; EV-W-K: Fifth Place, 9:18.81

Girls’ High Jump: First Place, Stephanie Koetter, Upsala, 5-00.00; EV-W-K: Fourth Place, Malina Röttgermann, 4-08.00; tied Sixth Place, Tiffany Kuechle, 4-07.00; tied Ninth Place, Madison Hurrle, 4-06.00

Boys’ High Jump: First Place, Connor Wittenberg, EV-W-K, 5-10.00; tied Seventh Place, Austin Marx, EV-W-K, 5-04.00

Girls’ Long Jump: First Place, Becka Sadlemyer, Osakis, 16-01.50; EV-W-K: Third Place, Holly Loch, 14-05.50; Seventh Place, Brittany Hesse, 13-08.50; 17th Place, Julia Stotz, 12-01.50

Boys’ Long Jump: First Place, Logan Kritzeck, HL-W-W, 18-08.00; EV-W-K: Third Place, Deshaun James, 18-05.00; Fourth Place, Austin Pelkey, 18-04.50; 13th Place, Tommy Lochen, 15-10.25

Girls’ Triple Jump: First Place, Hannah Szech, Osakis, 31-09.75; EV-W-K: Ninth Place, Abbey Straley, 28-01.50; 11th Place, Mady Gasper, 27-11.00; 14th Place, Madeleine Geislinger, 26-11.00

Boys’ Triple Jump: First Place, Andrew Schonnesen, Maple Lake, 38-10.25; EV-W-K: Third Place, Connor Wittenberg, 38-00.00; Ninth Place, Samuel Ehlinger, 33-04.00; 10th Place, Monte Albert, 32-08.00

Girls’ Shot Put: First Place, Raevon Willner, EV-W-K, 31-11.00; Second Place, Ariel Laabs, EV-W-K, 31-02.50; Third Place, Kaylee Petty, EV-W-K, 30-08.00; Fourth Place, Allie Seth, EV-W-K, 30-02.50

Boys’ Shot Put: First Place, Isaac Kotila, Maple Lake, 46-02.50; EV-W-K: Second Place, Austyn Schlueter, 44-07.00; Seventh Place, Tyler Smith, 37-07.50; 11th Place, Adam Laabs, 34-06.50; 15th Place, Jacob Leither, 31-11.00

Girls’ Discus Throw: First Place, Allie Seth, EV-W-K, 98-02; Third Place, Raevon Willner, 85-05; Sixth Place, Ariel Laabs, EV-W-K, 75-08; 13th Place, Kaylee Petty, 62-07

Boys’ Discus Throw: First Place, Austyn Schlueter, EV-W-K, 120-08; Eighth Place, Adam Laabs, EV-W-K, 96-08; 13th Place, Jacob Leither, 85-08; 15th Place, Josh Miller, 81-00

In the women’s 17-event contest, EV-W-K placed second, with 157 points, and the men’s 17-event competition saw EV-W-K also taking second place, with 149.5 points.