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EV-W-K runners shine at Annandale Invitational


Following a slight schedule change, the Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball cross-country teams competed in the Annandale Invitational (Whispering Pines Golf Course) on Tuesday, 

Sept. 10. The Eagles varsity girls captured third place out of the five entrants. The Annandale varsity girls earned first place accolades.


Results: Varsity girls 4K run: (third) Emily Donnay, 15:53; (16th) Grace Kopitzke, 19:14; (21st) Taylor Schreiner, 20:31; (22nd) Maria Roeser, 20:36; (23rd) Stephanea Roeser, 20:54; (26th) Brooke Winter, 21:05; Varsity boys 5K run: (20th) Bret Mattice, 20:59; Junior Varsity girls 4K run: (ninth) Emily Utecht, 21:49; (10th) Victoria Denn, 21:56; (12th) Ashley DeJuliannie, 22:08; (19th) Lauren Libbesmeier, 22:39; (21st ) Seahara Mancini, 23:55; (22nd) Kristen Howe, 24:37; (23rd) Lexie Pauls, 25:09; (25th) Erika Johnson, 26:34; Junior Varsity boys 5K run: (ninth) Matthew Notch, 22:00; (26th) Cameron Flaschenriem, 25:08; (27th) Joey Kuechle, 25:11; Middle School Girls: (10th) Libby White, 931; (12th) Sonora Mattice, 939; (14th) Hannah Ehlinger, 943; (17th) Hannah Holmberg, 953; (21st) Lindsey Kavanagh, W-1280452 10201524707271372 1410999234 n1020; (26th) Ashley Schindele, 1126.

Team: Girls Varsity: (first) Annandale; (second) Big Lake; (third) EV-W-K; (fourth) Foley; (fifth) HL-W-W.
W-1233555 10201524716391600 680022680 n




Ashley DeJuliannie (at right) is running for EV-W-K in the Annandale Invitational cross-country meet at Whispering Pines Golf Course Tuesday, Sept. 10. 




Emily Donnay (center) running the varsity girls 4K, took third at Annandale Invitational cross-country meet Tuesday, Sept. 10. All cross-country photos this week are courtesy of Karla Ehlinger.