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EV-W-K tracksters look good at ROCORI Invite

Head girls’ track and field coach Gordy Schlangen is pleased with the kids’ efforts, despite the tough competition at the Tuesday, April 22, five-team ROCORI Invitational. “We had a meet last night at ROCORI against some really good teams. Many of our girls had very good individual times and distances, but the competition was as good as anything that we will see this year.” Some highlights were the 4x800 relay of Courtney Geislinger, Chelsey Barthel, Amaya Lyrek, and Emily Donnay, finishing third. EV-W-K’s top two throwers Raevon Willner and Ariel Laabs finished first and third in shot, and fourth and fifth in the discus. The women’s team competition was won by ROCORI, and the men’s team competition was won by Willmar.

Following are the results

Girls’ 100-meter dash: first, Katlynn Nilson, ROCORI, 13.54; EV-W-K: 21st, Madison Bronson, 14.88; 23rd, Brooke Ellingson, 15.25; 26th, Ariel Laabs, 15.32; 30th, Maddi Fox, 15.53; 37th, Maicy Vossen, 15.94; 44th Holly Loch, 16.22.

Boys’ 100-meter dash: first, Michael Heitzman, Willmar, 11.86; EV-W-K: second, Deshaun James, 11.93; 17th, John Salzl, 12.99; 27th, John Zipoy, 13.91; 28th, Keali’i Kapoi, 13.91; 34th, York Larson, 14.98.

Girls’ 200-meter dash: first, Brynn Sauer, ROCORI, 26.61; EV-W-K: 18th, Madison Bronson, 31.13; 19th, Hannah Ehlinger, 31.55; 21st, Brooke Ellingson, 32.00; 36th, Maddi Fox, 33.71; 39th, Maicy Vossen, 34.76; 47th, Savanna Gohmann, 47.06.

Boys’ 200-meter dash: first, Chris Cunningham, Willmar, 23.11; EV-W-K: second, Deshaun James, 24.24; ninth, Adam Nehring, 25.92; 10th, John Salzl, 25.93; 15th, James Mancini, 27.23; 18th, Trent Gehrke, 27.61; 19th, Cody Schlangen, 27.81; 24th, Keali’i Kapoi, 29.17; 25th, Nathan Liter, 30.54; 28th, York Larson, 30.96.

Girls’ 400-meter dash: first, Abby Kelly, St. Cloud Apollo, 1:00.06; EV-W-K: 13th, Brittany Hesse, 1:08.45; 16th, Savanna Gohmann, 1:09.55; 18th, Hannah Ehlinger, 1:14.68.

Boys’ 400-meter dash: first, Elijah Knutson, St. Cloud Apollo, 52.75; EV-W-K: 16th, Sawyer Mies, 1:01.68; 20th, Trent Gehrke, 1:02.48; 23rd, Nathan Liter, 1:08.16.

Girls’ 800-meter run: first, Samantha Hanson, Willmar, 2:26.72; EV-W-K: eighth, Madeleine Geislinger, 2:41.69; 17th, Chelsey Barthel, 3:05.53.

Boys’ 800-meter run: first, Josh Peterson, ROCORI, 2:01.22; EV-W-K: 20th, Brandon Faber, 2:36.07; 22nd, Ben Nistler, 2:37.42.

Girls’ 1600-meter run: first, Kristin Mehr, ROCORI, 5:26.59; EV-W-K: 12th, Amaya Lyrek, 6:23.47; 16th Libby Yozamp, 6:34.51.

Boys’ 1600-meter run: first, Nate Souther, Big Lake, 4:40.90; EV-W-K: 21st, Dawson Kelly, 5:56.77.

Girls’ 3200-meter run: first, Jessa Hanson, Willmar, 12:05.10; EV-W-K: 13th, Hannah Holmberg, 14:36.20.

Boys’ 3200-meter run: first, Nadir Yusuf, Willmar, 10:43.33.

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles: first, Emily Rapp, ROCORI, 15.83; EV-W-K: eighth, Abbey Straley, 18.72; 19th, Montana Tschida, 23.19; 20th, Madi Truenow, 25.31.

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles: first, Isaiah West, St. Cloud Apollo, 15.21; EV-W-K: seventh, Thomas Newman, 19.97; ninth, Micheal Kern, 21.16; 10th, Nathan Utecht, 21.42.

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles: first, Erin Huls, ROCORI, 45.86; EV-W-K: fifth, Emily Donnay, 50.40; seventh, Abbey Straley, 51.61; 18th, Madeleine Geislinger, 56.47; 19th, Montana Tschida, 59.49.

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles: first, Isaiah West, St. Cloud Apollo, 40.95; EV-W-K: sixth, Austin Marx, 48.10; 11th, Thomas Newman, 51.83; 12th, Micheal Kern, 54.07; 13th, Trever Hesse, 54.48; 15th, Nathan Utecht, 55.27.

Girls’ 4x100-meter relay: first, ROCORI, 52.76; EV-W-K, sixth, 58.52.

Boys’ 4x100-meter relay: first, St. Cloud Apollo, 45.49; EV-W-K, fifth, 49.73.

Girls’ 4x200-meter relay: first, ROCORI, 1:47.32; fifth, EV-W-K, 2:03.48.

Boys’ 4x200-meter relay: first, Willmar, 1:33.05; EV-W-K, third, 1:39.42.

Girls’ 4x400-meter relay: first, Willmar, 4:20.06; EV-W-K, fifth, 4:29.95.

Boys’ 4x400-meter relay: first, Willmar, 3:37.52; EV-W-K, 10th, 4:12.54. 

Girls’ 4x800-meter relay: first, Willmar, 9:59.10; third, EV-W-K, 10:50.00.

Boys’ 4x800-meter relay: first, Willmar, 8:20.88; eighth, 10:14.00.

Girls’ High Jump: first, Brianna Scott, St. Cloud Apollo, 4-08.00; EV-W-K: seventh tie, Hannah Ehlinger, J4-04.00; ninth tie, Brooke Ellingson, Maddi Fox, 4-02.00;

Boys’ High Jump: first, Luke Lippert, Willmar, 6-02.00; EV-W-K: third, Austin Marx, J5.04.00.

Girls’ Long Jump: first, Erin Huls, ROCORI, 16-01.75; EV-W-K: 11th, Brittany Hesse, 13-07.50; 18th tie, Brooke Ellingson, 12-05.50; 20th, Maddi Fox, 12-02.50; 26th, Chelsey Barthel, 11-07.75.

Boys’ Long Jump: first, TJ Schmitz, ROCORI, 18-10.00; EV-W-K: fourth, Deshaun James, 18-04.00; seventh, John Salzl, 17-07.00.

Girls’ Triple Jump: first, Lindsey Maruska, Big Lake, 32-04.00; EV-W-K: 10th, Madeleine Geislinger, 27-05.00; 13th, Mady Gasper, 26-02.00; 15th, Amaya Lyrek, 25-02.00.

Boys’ Triple Jump: first, Sam Mackedanz, ROCORI, 40-02.00; EV-W-K: eighth, Sam Ehlinger, 35-05.00; 17th tie, Trever Hesse, 30-06.00.

Girls’ Shot Put: first, Raevon Willner, EV-W-K, 34-03.00; third, Ariel Laabs, EV-W-K, 33-04.00; eighth, Julia Stotz, EV-W-K, 29-11.00; 20th, Annicka Konz, EV-W-K, 22-04.00; 23rd, Marie Achartz, 18-02.00.

Boys’ Shot Put: first, Dustin Cassens, St. Cloud Apollo, 43-07.00; EV-W-K: ninth, Cody Schlangen, 37-06.00; 10th, Tyler Smith, 37-03.00; 18th, Adam Laabs, 34-05.00; 19th, Jacob Leither, 34-03.00; 22nd, Tyler Konz, 32-07.00; 23rd, Weston Blanchard, 32-04.00; 29th, Josh Miller, 28-04.00; 35th, Sam Witrock, 26-02.00.

Girls’ Discus Throw: first, Bailey Hovland, Willmar, 117-02; EV-W-K: fourth, Raevon Willner, 93-07; fifth, Ariel Laabs, 90-03; 11th, Julia Stotz, 76-07; 12th, Annicka Konz, 73-10; 20th, Marie Achartz, 55-06.

Boys’ Discus Throw: first, Benjamin Miller, St. Cloud Apollo, 153-08; EV-W-K: 12th, Adam Laabs, 96-09; 13th, Cody Schlangen, 96-02; 15th, Josh Miller, 94-04; 18th, Jacob Leither, 88-09; 20th, Tyler Smith, 86-06; 22nd, Sam Witrock, 84-03; 27th, Tyler Konz, 79-09; 30th, Weston Blanchard, 70-09.

Girls’ Pole Vault: first, Lily Noble, Big Lake, 9-00.00; EV-W-K: eighth tie, Maicy Vossen, 5-06.00.

Boys’ Pole Vault: first, Elijah Knutson, St. Cloud Apollo, 11-00.00; EV-W-K: seventh tie, John Zipoy, J9-00.00; ninth tie, Tommy Lochen, Thomas Newman, 8-00.00.

Boys’ Team Standings: 1. Willmar 166.5, 2. St. Cloud Apollo 97.5, 3. ROCORI 62, 4. Big Lake 54, 5. Eden Valley-Watkins/Kimball 34.

Girls’ Team Standings: 1. ROCORI 160.5, 2. Willmar, 112.5, 3. St. Cloud Apollo 53, 4. Big Lake 48, 5. Eden Valley-Watkins/Kimball 36.