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School of Fish: Fishin’ Tip #3

Slip-bobber secrets

School of Fish kids learn that chasing panfish around structure is a great way to “get bit”! Small jigs baited with small leeches, minnows, and pieces of nightcrawlers are often preferred baits. These combinations are often lethal on panfish when presented below a slip-bobber.

Slip-bobbers are great fishing tools because fishing depths being targeted can easily be adjusted by simply sliding the bobber stop up or down the line. Not only that, but because the bobber stop can be reeled right up on the reel, casting and landing fish is pretty easy because kids don’t have long, cumbersome sections of line extending beyond rod tips.

Kids and other beginners are encouraged to practice their casting skills and to make casts along various forms of structure searching for fish. Also, using a small slip-bobber that barely floats or adding a “split-shot” weight to the fishing set-up about a foot above the jig or hook is also good advice. A bobber that barely floats will easily slide under the water when a tentative panfish bites without “spooking” it like a bigger, more buoyant probably will. Some days when the fish are really hungry, bobber size might not matter much, but day in, day out using a barely-floating bobber will result in more fish hooked and landed and, hooking and landing fish is a big reason we fish. Good luck on the water.

School of Fish is a 3-hour fishing education class that was hosted in your community this year. Four tips will be offered this summer as follow-up to that, offering for both the kids who attended School of Fish and others getting started in the great sport of fishing. School of Fish is supported by: Northland Fishing Tackle, KLN Family Brands, Larson Boats, Shakespeare Fishing, and Soderholm Insurance.

Check out the School of Fish website Also, follow School of Fish on Facebook: School-of-Fish for more fishing tips and the chance to win some great fishing prizes.

Small  bobber stops thread on the fishing line and are the “brains” behind a slip-bobber set-up. They can be slid up and down the line, making changing fishing depths easy. When used with barely-floating slip-bobbers they are lethal panfish presentations.