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Stars’ boys’ hockey team shows improvement

Looking to get back on the right track, the River Lakes Stars visited the Benson Civic Center Tuesday, Dec. 10, and emerged with a convincing 6-1 win over the Morris/Benson Area Storm. First Period – Scoring: Stars - Boonstra goal (even strength) (Gertken) 10:30; Sjoberg goal (even strength) (Thrush, Spaulding) 11:07; Thrush goal (even strength) (Prozinski) 11:18; Zimmer goal (even strength) (Beltz, Karsch) 15:48. Penalties: Mikkelson, Morris (Hooking, Minor, 2 min.) 7:56. Second Period – Scoring: Stars - Beltz goal (power play) (Karsch, Zimmer) 4:25. Penalties: Vipond, Morris (Roughing, Minor, 2 min.) 3:00; Jenson, Stars (Holding, Minor, 2 min.) 16:37. Third Period – Scoring: Morris - Schwarz goal (even strength) (Goff, Mikkelson) 6:24; Stars - Thrush goal (even strength) (Sjoberg, Spaulding) 11:56. Penalties: Goff, Morris (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2 min.) 1:17; Prozinski, Stars (High-Sticking, Minor, 2 min.) 3:32.

Finishing the week on the road, the Stars stopped at the St. Cloud MAC Arena, Thursday, Dec. 12, to face off with the Apollo Eagles. A third period flurry by the host club sealed the victory for the Eagles, 4-1. First Period – Scoring: Stars - Prozinski goal (even strength) 11:42; Apollo - Breidenbach goal (power play) (Omann, Bissett) 14:47. Penalties: Rieland, Apollo (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2 min.) 4:46; Beltz, Stars (Roughing, Minor, 2 min.) 5:06; Rieland, Apollo (Tripping, Minor, 2 min.) 7:17; Sjoberg, Stars (Roughing, Minor, 2 min.) 13:00. Second Period – Scoring: None. Penalties: Thormodson, Stars (Roughing, Minor, 2 min.) 8:38; Haugen, Apollo (Roughing, Minor, 2 min.) 8:38; Zimmer, Stars (Hooking, Minor, 2 min.) 10:19; Haugen, Apollo (Elbowing, Minor, 2 min.) 16:14. Third Period – Scoring: Apollo - Kenney goal (power play) (Breidenbach, Traut) 2:38; Apollo - Omann Goal (even strength) (Baker) 11:46; Apollo - Kenney goal (power play) (Kemp, Ewing) 16:38. Penalties: Prozinski, Stars (Slashing, Minor, 2 min.) 1:19; Karsch, Stars (Tripping, Minor, 2 min) 15:13. Nearing in on the winter break, the Stars now stand at 3-3-0.