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Stars’ hockey girls end 2013 with split

The River Lakes hockey girls spent Dec. 30, and New Year’s Eve on the ice at the Schwan Super Rink in Blaine.  Looking good for two-thirds of the Achiever Academy contest, the Stars unfortunately also had to play the middle third, where they surrendered four of their opponents’ goals, and lost the decision to the Aces, 5-2. Shots on goal: 26-17, in favor of Achiever Academy.

Summary: First Period – Scoring: None. Penalties: Lynch, Achiev (Body Checking, Minor, 2  min.) 7:39; King, RVRLAK (Body Checking, Minor, 2  min.) 14:22. Second Period – Scoring: Achiev - Lynch Goal (even strength) (Tremblay, Sweet) 3:05; Achiev - Lynch Goal (even strength) (Stanley) 5:22; Achiev - Tremblay Goal (even strength) (Sweet, Ostertag) 9:32; Achiev - Norton Goal (even strength) (Brossart, Antony) 15:55. Penalties: Anderson, RVRLAK (Body Checking, Minor, 2  min.) 6:02; Teal, RVRLAK (Tripping, Minor, 2  min.) 11:29. Third Period – Scoring: Achiev - Antony Goal (even strength) (Tremblay, Lynch) 0:16; RVRLAK - Anderson Goal (power play) (Meed, Mooney) 10:36; RVRLAK - Mooney Goal (even strength) (Stanger, Kooiman) 13:50. Penalties: Berg, Achiev (Tripping, Minor, 2  min.) 0:59; Stanley, Achiev (Tripping, Minor, 2  min.) 3:53; Stanley, Achiev (High-Sticking, Minor, 2  min.) 10:17; Sweet, Achiev (Roughing, Minor, 2  min.) 13:44; Teal, RVRLAK (Slashing, Minor, 2  min.) 13:44; Stanley, Achiev (Roughing, Minor, 2  min.) 13:50. 

Shaking off the Monday loss to Achiever Academy, the Stars battled Dryden (ONT) on Tuesday, and took the win, 4-2.  River Lakes played aggressive and team hockey, scoring a goal in each of the first two periods and adding two in the final stanza.  Shots on goal advantage went to the Stars, 25-13.  Summary:  1st Period -- Scoring: RVRLAK - Klosterman Goal (even strength) 9:08.  2nd Period -- Scoring: DRYDEN - Aresenault Goal (even strength) 3:16; RVRLAK - Kooiman Goal (power play) (Teal, Caron) 8:34. Penalties: Meed, RVRLAK (Interference, Minor, 2  min.) 0:56;  DRYDEN (Minor, 2  min.) 5:04; , DRYDEN (Minor, 2  min.) 7:14.  3rd Period -- Scoring: RVRLAK - Teal Goal (even strength) (Chiantera) 6:44; RVRLAK - Kooiman Goal (even strength) (Teal, Ruter-Cogelow) 10:56; DRYDEN - Balla Goal (power play) (Lindquist, Carter) 15:30. Penalties:  DRYDEN (Minor, 2  min.) 7:25; RVRLAK (Too Many Men on the Ice, Minor, 2  min.) 15:15; DRYDEN (Minor, 2  min.) 16:27; King, RVRLAK (Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Minor, 2  min.) 16:27.