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River Lakes hockey girls pound LPGE


The River Lakes hockey girls provided plenty of heat at the Paynesville High School ice rink Thursday, Dec. 19, as they stomped out the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Blue Devils, 5-0. Peppering the nets the entire evening, the Stars delivered 57 shots on goal.

First Period – Scoring: RVRLAK - Klosterman Goal (even strength) (Meed) 13:17. Penalties: None. Goalie Changes: None.

Second Period – Scoring: RVRLAK - Stanger Goal (even strength) (Teal) 5:54; RVRLAK - King Goal (even strength) (Teal, Kooiman) 15:32. Penalties: Zeise, LPGE-W (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2 min) 7:32; Ruter-Cogelow, RVRLAK (Hooking, Minor, 2 min) 10:48. Goalie Changes: None.

Third Period – Scoring: RVRLAK - Teal Goal (even strength) 5:16; RVRLAK - Stanger Goal (even strength) (Kooiman) 5:36. Penalties: None. Goalie Changes: None. The Stars are slated to participate in holiday tournament play
Dec. 30 and 31, at Super Rink in Blaine.


Stars’ hockey girls win one, lose one

The River Lakes hockey girls stayed hot on the ice Saturday afternoon, Dec. 7, as they traveled to Hallett Arena-Crosby and prevailed over the Pequot Lakes Patriots, 3-2. The Stars shined as they sprinkled 51 shots on goal, portraying relentless pressure the entire affair. First Period – Scoring: Pequot - Snyder goal (even strength) (Reed) 6:34. Penalties: Gutzman, Pequot (Tripping, Minor, 2 min.) 4:00; Stanger, Stars (Hooking, Minor, 2 min.) 15:33. Second Period – Scoring: Pequot - Snyder goal (power play) (Reed, Abear) 14:30; Stars - Mooney goal (even strength) 16:34. Penalties: Klatt, Stars (Holding, Minor, 2 min.) 8:57; Stanger, Stars (Tripping, Minor, 2 min.) 9:16; Reed, Pequot (Hooking, Minor, 2 min.) 9:26; Teal, Stars (Checking, Minor, 2 min.) 14:13; Bittner, Pequot (Checking, Minor, 2 min.) 16:46. 3rd Period – Scoring: Stars - Klosterman goal (even strength) (Flint) 2:32; Stars - Meed Goal (even strength) (Mooney, Caron) 7:01. Penalties: Bittner, Pequot (Tripping, Minor, 2 min.) 10:05.


River Lakes Stars’ boys lose to Brainerd


The River Lakes Stars’ boys found it tough sledding Thursday, Dec. 5, as they fell to the Brainerd/Pillager Warriors at the Brainerd Area Civic Center, 6-0. Seemingly always just a stride behind the pressing opponents, the Stars watched the Warriors rally for two goals in each of the three periods. Brainerd opened the first period on a Rivard goal (even strength) (Miller, Smith) at 6:02; Ellingson goal (even strength) (Rivard) 8:15. Period two scoring was again a Rivard goal (even strength) 4:39; Smith goal (power play) (Rivard, Ellingson) 7:06. The Warriors added a couple more goals in the third period on a Pohlkamp goal (even strength) (Johnson) 1:45; Smith goal (even strength) (Rivard, Mimmack) 4:25.


Stars’ boys’ hockey team shows improvement

Looking to get back on the right track, the River Lakes Stars visited the Benson Civic Center Tuesday, Dec. 10, and emerged with a convincing 6-1 win over the Morris/Benson Area Storm. First Period – Scoring: Stars - Boonstra goal (even strength) (Gertken) 10:30; Sjoberg goal (even strength) (Thrush, Spaulding) 11:07; Thrush goal (even strength) (Prozinski) 11:18; Zimmer goal (even strength) (Beltz, Karsch) 15:48. Penalties: Mikkelson, Morris (Hooking, Minor, 2 min.) 7:56. Second Period – Scoring: Stars - Beltz goal (power play) (Karsch, Zimmer) 4:25. Penalties: Vipond, Morris (Roughing, Minor, 2 min.) 3:00; Jenson, Stars (Holding, Minor, 2 min.) 16:37. Third Period – Scoring: Morris - Schwarz goal (even strength) (Goff, Mikkelson) 6:24; Stars - Thrush goal (even strength) (Sjoberg, Spaulding) 11:56. Penalties: Goff, Morris (Cross-Checking, Minor, 2 min.) 1:17; Prozinski, Stars (High-Sticking, Minor, 2 min.) 3:32.


River Lakes girls enjoy winning streak

Extending their winning streak to four, the River Lakes girls’ hockey team beat the Brainerd/Little Falls Warriors at the Paynesville Ice Arena, 7-2, on Thursday, Dec. 5. The Stars broke it wide open in the second period, scorching the nets four times, and adding two more in the final stanza. First Period – Scoring: Stars - Stanger goal (even strength) (Teal,
Kooiman). Second Period – Scoring: Stars - Stanger goal (power play) (Ruter-Cogelow); Stars - Mooney goal (even strength) (Stanger); Stars - Anderson goal (even strength) (Meed); Brainerd/LF - Mimmack goal (even strength) (Wennerstrand); Stars - Stanger goal (even strength) (Teal, Kooiman).  Penalties: Ring, Brainerd/LF (Minor, 2 min.); Caron, Stars (Minor, 2 min.); Anderson, Brainerd/LF (Minor, 2 min.); Stanger, Stars (Minor, 2 min.).  3rd Period -- Scoring: Brainerd/LF - Lennander goal (even strength); Stars - Covert goal (even strength) (Stanger); Stars - Ruter-Cogelow goal (even strength) (Meed).